Market & Facility Brochures

  • Reston Campus Expansion Overview


    Reston Campus Expansion Overview

    CoreSite’s Reston campus expansion will add over 660,000 square feet of incremental colocation space to the existing campus.

  • Corporate Overview


    Corporate Overview

    Since 2001, CoreSite has built and operated secure, reliable, high-performance data center solutions supported by industry-leading customer service.

  • Reston Campus Overview


    Reston Campus Overview

    CoreSite’s Reston campus includes two facilities, VA1 and VA2, totaling over 390,000 sq. ft. of colocation space, as well as 660,000 sq. ft. held for expansion.

  • DC1 Facility Overview


    DC1 Facility Overview

    CoreSite’s DC1 data center is located in the K Street corridor, offering unmatched proximity to government agencies and financial institutions.

  • NY1 Facility Overview


    NY1 Facility Overview

    Located in the heart of Manhattan, NY1 stands at the epicenter of one of the most network dense markets in the world.

  • SV2 Facility Overview


    SV2 Facility Overview

    CoreSite's SV2 facility brings together native carriers, strong cloud service solutions and high-density colocation services.

  • BO1 Facility Overview


    BO1 Facility Overview

    BO1 borders Cambridge and Boston’s central business district, serving healthcare, financial and other enterprises.

  • Boston Overview


    Boston Overview

    BO1 is strategically positioned to provide low-latency connectivity to the financial, technological and educational enterprises located in the area.

  • CH1 Facility Overview


    CH1 Facility Overview

    CoreSite’s CH1 facility is strategically located in downtown Chicago, adjacent to the Board of Trade.

  • Chicago Overview


    Chicago Overview

    CoreSite’s CHI1 data center provides access to over 55 network and cloud providers and over 178,000 square feet of scalable colocation space in downtown Chicago.

  • DE1 Facility Overview


    DE1 Facility Overview

    CoreSite’s DE1 data center sits at the nexus of multiple fiber plants for national and regional network providers.

  • DE2 Facility Overview


    DE2 Facility Overview

    CoreSite’s DE2 data center is located adjacent to Level3 Communications’ gateway facility and provides seamless access to all major carriers in the region.

  • Denver Overview


    Denver Overview

    CoreSite’s Denver data center facilities are strategically located in downtown Denver, providing low-latency access to businesses in the area.

  • LA1 Facility Overview


    LA1 Facility Overview

    LA1, also known as One Wilshire, is one of the most interconnected data centers in the world.

  • LA2 Facility Overview


    LA2 Facility Overview

    CoreSite’s LA2 facility provides unmatched data center scalability within the Los Angeles market.

  • Los Angeles Overview


    Los Angeles Overview

    CoreSite's Los Angeles campus boasts one of the most well-developed data center ecosystems in the world, and serves as the unofficial gateway of traffic to and from Asia.

  • MI1 Facility Overview


    MI1 Facility Overview

    CoreSite’s MI1 data center provides connectivity from the U.S. to South America, as well as existing and scalable connectivity to NAP of the Americas.

  • Miami Overview


    Miami Overview

    CoreSite’s MI1 data center provides secure and scalable connectivity to South America from the U.S.

  • N. Virginia Overview


    N. Virginia Overview

    The Northern Virginia market includes three facilities across Washington D.C. and Reston, VA, totaling over 412,000 square feet of colocation space, as well as 660,000 held for expansion.

  • New York Overview


    New York Overview

    CoreSite’s New York facilities comprise one of the most powerful, network-dense, low-latency colocation campuses on the East Coast.

  • NY2 Facility Overview


    NY2 Facility Overview

    NY2 is a scalable and reliable data center solution for enterprises looking to expand and reduce costs in the New York metro area.

  • Silicon Valley Overview


    Silicon Valley Overview

    The CoreSite Silicon Valley market is comprised of five operational data centers with two additional facilities under construction.

  • SV1 Facility Overview


    SV1 Facility Overview

    CoreSite’s SV1 facility serves as the carrier hub for our tethered Silicon Valley data center campus.

  • SV4 Facility Overview


    SV4 Facility Overview

    SV4 adds 100,000 sq. ft. to our Santa Clara campus providing scalability in the world's largest tech market.

  • SV7 Facility Overview


    SV7 Facility Overview

    CoreSite’s SV7 facility features the latest in data center efficiency and redundancy designs and is comprised of 230,000+ square feet of brand new colocation space.