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How to get connected

To establish a peering relationship with one of the Any2 networks, please contact their representative directly. Once you sign up for Any2, you’ll have access to these contact listings through CoreSite’s customer portal. You can also find contacts for most networks on If you have any questions or want to edit your listing, please contact us.

Any2 regional exchanges

Networks at 55 S. Market (San Jose) or 1656 McCarthy (Milpitas) may participate in both the Silicon Valley Exchange (VLAN 102), as well as the California Exchange (VLAN 100). Networks in New York, Washington D.C. and Virginia are all part of the Northeast Exchange.


Any2 regional exchanges_img

Current Any2 peering participants

Below is the list of organizations currently peering on the Any2 Internet Exchange.

Note: Some networks have asked not to be listed on the Any2 participant directory for reasons important to their network. If you know your desired network is available within a CoreSite data center, we recommend that you ask your network if they are on Any2.

Network Name AS Number IP Address IPv6 Address Exchange Name Any2Easy
Axcelx Technologies, LLC AS33083 2001:504:13:7:0:0:0:5 Any2 Boston No
Mammoth Networks AS10835 2001:504:13:7:0:0:0:6 Any2 Boston No
Microsoft Corporation AS8075 2001:504:13:7:0:0:0:10 Any2 Boston No
OCCAID, Inc. AS30071 2001:504:13:7:0:0:0:8 Any2 Boston No, Inc. AS26251 2001:504:13:7:0:0:0:4 Any2 Boston No
TowardEx Technologies AS27552 2001:504:13:7:0:0:0:7 Any2 Boston No
Akamai Technologies, Inc. AS20940 2001:504:13:4:0:0:0:A Any2 Chicago No
CIFNet (Chicago) AS14585 2001:504:13:4:0:0:0:3 Any2 Chicago No
Fastservers, Inc. AS22576 2001:504:13:4:0:0:0:6 Any2 Chicago No
GaiKai, Inc. AS33353 2001:504:13:4:0:0:0:12 Any2 Chicago No
Global Telecom & Technology Americas, Inc. AS4436 2001:504:13:4:0:0:0:150 Any2 Chicago No
Host Virtual, Inc. AS36236 2001:504:13:4:0:0:0:11 Any2 Chicago No
Inforelay West, Inc AS33597 2001:504:13:4:0:0:0:9 Any2 Chicago Yes
Infostewards AS16970 2001:504:13:4:0:0:0:2 Any2 Chicago No
Limelight Networks, Inc. AS22822 2001:504:13:4:0:0:0:4 Any2 Chicago No
Merit Network, Inc AS237 2001:504:13:4:0:0:0:8 Any2 Chicago No
Packet Exchange Ltd. AS25973 2001:504:13:4:0:0:0:7 Any2 Chicago No
WBS Connect AS19080 2001:504:13:4:0:0:0:5 Any2 Chicago No
Collins Communications, Inc. AS11624 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:2 Any2 Denver No
Data 102 AS33302 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:22 Any2 Denver Yes
Elementek LLC / PeakColo AS14701 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:16 Any2 Denver Yes
FastTrack Communications, Inc. AS30688 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:13 Any2 Denver Yes
Front Range Internet Inc. AS6582 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:15 Any2 Denver Yes
Futurum Communications AS6653 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:14 Any2 Denver Yes
Global Telecom & Technology Americas, Inc. AS4436 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:150 Any2 Denver No
Google Inc. AS15169 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:3 Any2 Denver No
Handy Networks, LLC AS30475 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:68 Any2 Denver Yes
Hurricane Electric AS6939 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:69 Any2 Denver Yes
Layer42.Net, Inc. AS8121 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:73 Any2 Denver Yes
Mammoth Networks AS10835 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:24 Any2 Denver Yes
MessageLabs AS26282 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:70 Any2 Denver Yes
Microsoft Corporation AS8075 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:72 Any2 Denver Yes
Softlayer Technologies, Inc. AS36351 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:27 Any2 Denver Yes
South Dakota Network LLC AS13576 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:4 Any2 Denver No
Teliax, Inc AS14602 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:71 Any2 Denver Yes
UCAR/NCAR (Front Range Gigapop) 14041 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:2 Any2 Denver No
ViaWest AS13649 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:21 Any2 Denver Yes
Yahoo! Inc. AS10310 2605:6C00:303:303:0:0:0:25 Any2 Denver Yes
360networks (USA), Inc. AS19092 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:221 Any2 Los Angeles No
360networks (USA), Inc. AS19092 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:201 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
4 Less Communications, Inc. AS16912 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:229 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
AARNet P/L AS7575 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:64 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Ace Data Centers, Inc. AS11798 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:128 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Activision Publishing, Inc. AS40551 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:142 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
AerioConnect, Inc AS10993 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:21 Any2 Los Angeles No
Akamai Technologies, Inc. AS20940 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:82 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Alchemy Communications, Inc. AS7296 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:162 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Amazon Corporate, LLC AS16509 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:146 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
American Internet Services AS6130 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:8 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
ANEXIA Internetdliensliestungs GmbH AS42473 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:148 Any2 Los Angeles No
Apple, Inc. AS714 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:139 Any2 Los Angeles No
Applied Operations, LLC AS40475 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:126 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
AppNexus, Inc. AS29990 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:208 Any2 Los Angeles No
AppNexus, Inc. AS29990 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:216 Any2 Los Angeles No
Arbinet AS18534 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:35 Any2 Los Angeles No
ARP Networks, Inc. AS25795 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:166 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
ASDASD SRL AS28929 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:184 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Atlantic Metro Communications, LLC AS29838 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:125 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Awknet Communications, LLC AS52302 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:102 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Bat Blue Corporation AS25885 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:191 Any2 Los Angeles No
Bel Air Internet, Inc. AS23316 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:206 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Bharti Airtel Limited AS9498 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:149 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Box.Net, Inc. AS33011 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:145 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Broadband ONE, Inc. AS19151 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:33 Any2 Los Angeles No
BTI America fka I3G Networks AS6648 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:59 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Cable & Wireless AS1273 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:96 Any2 Los Angeles No
Casale Media, Inc. AS27381 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:193 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Castle Access, Inc. AS22489 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:156 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
CAT Telecom Public Company, Ltd AS4651 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:247 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
CDNetworks, Inc. AS36408 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:190 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
China Mobile International (USA) Inc. AS58453 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:219 Any2 Los Angeles No
China Netcom AS4837 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:36 Any2 Los Angeles No
China Telecom AS4134 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:117 Any2 Los Angeles No
China Unicom AS19174 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:51 Any2 Los Angeles No
Chinacache North America, Inc. AS37958 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:119 Any2 Los Angeles No
Chunghwa Telecom Global, Inc. AS9505 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:108 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Cisco Systems, Inc. AS109 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:37 Any2 Los Angeles No
Cisco Systems, Inc. AS13445 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:187 Any2 Los Angeles No
Citylink Fiber Holdings, Inc AS7850 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:74 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Colo at 55, LLC AS46562 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:186 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Color Broadband AS29930 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:26 Any2 Los Angeles No
Commercial Network Services 29697 2001:504:13:0:0:0:211:5 Any2 Los Angeles No
CoreSite (Telecom Operations) 12345 2001:504:13:0:0:0:211:249 Any2 Los Angeles No
CoreSite (Telecom Operations) 11223 2001:504:13:0:0:0:211:248 Any2 Los Angeles No
CoreSite (Telecom Operations) 54321 2001:504:13:0:0:0:211:250 Any2 Los Angeles No
Corporate Office Centers of California AS36007 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:6 Any2 Los Angeles No
Corporate West AS13917 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:68 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Corporate West AS13917 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:58 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Covad Communications AS18566 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:120 Any2 Los Angeles Yes, Inc. AS11365 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:176 Any2 Los Angeles No
Customer X AS54321 2001:504:13:0:0:0:211:250 Any2 Los Angeles No
Cyberverse, Inc. AS11051 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:144 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Data 102 AS33302 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:238 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
DENIC eG AS31529 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:173 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
DeviantArt, Inc. 14838 2001:504:13:0:0:0:211:8 Any2 Los Angeles No
Digital West Networks, Inc. AS14589 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:97 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
DSL Extreme AS19817 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:27 Any2 Los Angeles No
Duodecad IT Services USA LLC. AS34655 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:13 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
E4A s.r.l. AS34695 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:123 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
EasyNet AS4589 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:121 Any2 Los Angeles No
Edgecast Networks, Inc. AS15133 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:112 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Edgecast Networks, Inc. AS15133 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:232 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
eHarmony AS23112 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:101 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Emagine Concept AS31972 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:98 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Emerging Markets Communications, Inc. AS27822 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:181 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat) AS8966 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:228 Any2 Los Angeles No
Energy Group Networks, LLC AS18779 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:169 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Enki, LLC AS40850 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:234 Any2 Los Angeles No
Enzu, Inc. AS18978 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:3 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Facebook, Inc. AS32934 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:161 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
FC2, Inc. AS40263 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:163 Any2 Los Angeles No
Fiber Internet Center AS26803 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:57 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Fiber Internet Center AS26803 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:69 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Fiberhub AS53340 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:243 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Fireline Broadband, Inc. AS40511 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:93 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Flag Telecom Network USA Limited AS15412 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:45 Any2 Los Angeles No
Gaikai, Inc. AS33353 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:185 Any2 Los Angeles No
Gemnet LLC AS45204 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:188 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Global Data Link, Inc. AS14633 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:242 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Global Data Link, Inc. AS14633 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:15 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Global Telecom & Technology Americas, Inc AS4436 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:150 Any2 Los Angeles No
Global Telecom & Technology Americas, Inc. AS4436 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:231 Any2 Los Angeles No
Global Transit Communications Sdn Bhd AS24218 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:183 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
GlobalReach International AS17895 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:71 Any2 Los Angeles Yes AS26496 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:245 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Google Inc. AS15169 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:41 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
GTA, TeleGuam Holdings, LLC (Guam Telecom) AS9246 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:133 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
GTA, TeleGuam Holdings, LLC (Guam Telecom) 9246 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:133 Any2 Los Angeles No
GTI Corporation AS4775 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:197 Any2 Los Angeles No
Guam Cablevision, LLC (dba MCV Broadband) AS3605 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:236 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Hawaiian Telecom Services Company, Inc. AS36149 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:158 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Highwinds Network Group, Inc 12989 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:113 Any2 Los Angeles No
Highwinds Network Group, Inc 12989 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:113 Any2 Los Angeles No
Hivelocity Ventures Corporation AS29802 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:225 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited AS9269 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:210 Any2 Los Angeles No
Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited AS9269 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:240 Any2 Los Angeles No
Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited AS9269 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:194 Any2 Los Angeles No
Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited 9269 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:210 Any2 Los Angeles No
Hop One Internet AS14361 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:73 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Host Virtual Inc. fks VR Hosted AS36236 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:25 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Hurricane Electric AS6939 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:122 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Hypermedia Systems, Inc. AS30212 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:230 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
IHNetworks, LLC AS33494 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:4 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Image Shack AS36323 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:20 Any2 Los Angeles No
Impulse Internet Services, L.L.C. AS4927 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:151 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Inforelay West, Inc. AS33597 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:137 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Inforelay West, Inc. AS33597 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:94 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Infostreet AS32523 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:56 Any2 Los Angeles No
Infowest, Inc. AS11071 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:233 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Init Seven AG AS13030 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:85 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Inner Circle Network, Inc. AS54924 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:248 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Integra Telecom Holding AS7385 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:95 Any2 Los Angeles No, Inc. AS16406 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:10 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers AS20144 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:155 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers AS40528 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:5 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Internet Mainstreet AS3720 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:67 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Internode Systems Pty Ltd AS4739 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:99 Any2 Los Angeles No
InterWorld Communications AS5726 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:66 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
IP Networks Inc AS30686 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:9 Any2 Los Angeles No
IPTP, LLC AS41095 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:118 Any2 Los Angeles No
IRC Company, Inc (dba Black Lotus Communications) AS32421 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:39 Any2 Los Angeles No
I-Services Network Solution, Ltd (aka IXLINK) AS56103 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:77 Any2 Los Angeles No
Japan Telecom America, Inc. AS4725 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:18 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Jastel Network CO, Ltd. AS45758 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:211 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Jive Communications, Inc AS6643 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:88 Any2 Los Angeles No
Justin.TV, Inc. AS46489 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:165 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Kakao, Corp. AS10158 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:196 Any2 Los Angeles No
Kinx, Inc. AS9957 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:86 Any2 Los Angeles No
Koding, Inc. AS62805 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:160 Any2 Los Angeles No
Layer 2 CO Limited AS45177 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:17 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Layer42.Net, Inc. AS8121 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:22 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Layer42.Net, Inc. AS8121 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:70 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Lease Web USA, Inc AS16265 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:213 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Limelight Networks, Inc. AS22822 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:16 Any2 Los Angeles No
LinkedIn Corporation AS14413 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:202 Any2 Los Angeles No
LinkedIn Corporation AS20049 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:224 Any2 Los Angeles No
Linkline Communications, Inc. AS11841 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:28 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Linxtelecom AS8359 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:180 Any2 Los Angeles No
Liveworld, Inc. AS19148 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:174 Any2 Los Angeles Yes AS7235 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:134 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Los Nettos (USC) AS226 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:43 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
M1 Limited AS4773 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:60 Any2 Los Angeles No
Marquisnet AS35937 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:61 Any2 Los Angeles No
Media6Degrees, Inc. AS1422 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:222 Any2 Los Angeles No
MegaPath Inc AS4565 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:47 Any2 Los Angeles No
Micron21 Pty, Ltd. AS38880 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:235 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Microsoft Corporation AS8075 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:143 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Mocan Media, LLC 393470 2001:504:13:0:0:0:211:7 Any2 Los Angeles No
MOZILLA CORPORATION AS36856 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:109 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Multacom Corporation AS35916 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:40 Any2 Los Angeles Yes, LLC AS49544 2001:504:13:0:0:0:211:4 Any2 Los Angeles No
NASA Ames AS24 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:170 Any2 Los Angeles No
National University of Singapore AS7610 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:84 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
NEC BigLobe, Ltd. AS2518 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:154 Any2 Los Angeles No
Net2Ez (JPS Holdings, dba) AS558 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:38 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
NetFlix, Inc. AS2906 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:215 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
NetFlix, Inc. AS2906 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:226 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
New Dream Network, LLC AS26347 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:83 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Nexicom AS11666 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:81 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Nextgen Multimedia, Ltd. AS9304 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:114 Any2 Los Angeles No
Nextweb, Inc. (aka Covad Wireless) AS16467 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:106 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Nextweb, Inc. (aka Covad Wireless) AS16467 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:31 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Nobis Technology Group, LLC (aka Ubiquity Servers) AS15003 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:246 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
NOS Communications AS13833 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:7 Any2 Los Angeles No
OCCAID, Inc AS30071 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:105 Any2 Los Angeles No
Oneiric Systems, LLC 53948 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:205 Any2 Los Angeles No
Oneiric Systems, LLC AS53948 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:205 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
OpenX Technologies, Inc. AS36089 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:204 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Orcon LTD AS4610 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:241 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
OVH SAS AS16276 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:214 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Packet Clearing House (PCH) AS42 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:152 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Packet Clearing House (PCH) AS3856 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:153 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Packet Exchange Ltd. AS25973 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:2 Any2 Los Angeles No
Packet Exchange Ltd. AS21493 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:75 Any2 Los Angeles No
PacNet AS10026 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:138 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Pandora Media, Inc AS40428 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:168 Any2 Los Angeles No
Pavlov Media, Inc. AS23473 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:91 Any2 Los Angeles No
PCCW Global fka Beyond The Network, AS3491 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:49 Any2 Los Angeles No
Peak Web Hosting AS33529 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:89 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Peer 1 Network AS13768 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:79 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
PLDT (US) Ltd AS9299 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:177 Any2 Los Angeles No
PLDT (US) Ltd AS18396 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:107 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Pocket iNet, Inc. AS23265 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:127 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Premier Innovations LLC AS27630 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:164 Any2 Los Angeles No
Profuse Solutions, INC AS27524 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:42 Any2 Los Angeles No
PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia International AS7713 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:251 Any2 Los Angeles No
Quadranet AS29761 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:159 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Qualcomm Incoroprated AS11030 2001:504:13:0:0:0:211:2 Any2 Los Angeles No
Race Technologies AS30041 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:52 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Reannz, Ltd. AS38018 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:53 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Renesys AS64597 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:34 Any2 Los Angeles No
RETN, LTD. AS9002 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:147 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Rocket Internet AS12028 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:24 Any2 Los Angeles No
Silicon Connections, L.L.C. AS11190 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:32 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Silicon Valley Web Hosting AS13332 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:80 Any2 Los Angeles No
Singtel - Singapore Telecom AS7473 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:63 Any2 Los Angeles No
Sirius AS26972 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:198 Any2 Los Angeles No
SK Broadband AS9318 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:167 Any2 Los Angeles No
Skyriver Communications, Inc. AS27193 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:175 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Softlayer Technologies, Inc. AS36351 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:131 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Softlayer Technologies, Inc. 36351 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:131 Any2 Los Angeles No
Sohonet Limited AS16164 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:179 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Solfo, Inc. AS53582 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:92 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Sony Pictures Imageworks, Inc. AS18552 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:100 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Staminus Communications, Inc. AS25761 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:115 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
StarHub, Ltd. AS38861 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:76 Any2 Los Angeles No
StarHub, Ltd. AS4657 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:182 Any2 Los Angeles No
State of Oregon AS1798 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:207 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Sudjam, LLC AS19740 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:135 Any2 Los Angeles Yes (Noah Case, dba) AS29951 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:200 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Taiwan Fixed Networks AS9924 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:104 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
TDS Telecommunications Corporation AS4181 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:140 Any2 Los Angeles No
TELEimpianti di Spiller AS50316 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:189 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Televergence Solutions, Inc. AS30188 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:203 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Teliasonera International Carrier, Inc. AS9269 2001:504:13:0:0:0:211:3 Any2 Los Angeles No
Tellurian Networks AS10848 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:87 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Telstra Global AS4637 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:65 Any2 Los Angeles No
Telus Communications Company AS852 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:103 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
TeraGo Networks, Inc. AS20161 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:178 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Teramesh AS40165 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:54 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
The BGP Collective AS11799 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:50 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Time Warner Cable AS19548 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:29 Any2 Los Angeles No
TOT International Internet Gateway AS38040 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:237 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
TPG Internet Pty Ltd AS7545 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:141 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
TransitRail (USC) AS11164 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:14 Any2 Los Angeles No
Transtelco, Inc. AS32098 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:171 Any2 Los Angeles Yes AS32286 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:46 Any2 Los Angeles No
TripartZ B.V (dba Atrato IP Networks) AS5580 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:212 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Trit Networks AS40193 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:62 Any2 Los Angeles No
TV1 GmbH AS51795 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:199 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Ultimate Internet Access, Inc. AS11123 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:218 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Unitas Global, LLC AS1828 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:124 Any2 Los Angeles No
US Colo AS32743 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:48 Any2 Los Angeles No
Ustream, Inc. AS29834 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:157 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Utility Telephone, Inc. AS23308 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:30 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Vectus, Inc. 40941 2001:504:13:0:0:0:211:6 Any2 Los Angeles No
Veroxity AS14985 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:72 Any2 Los Angeles No
Vertex Communications AS25892 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:11 Any2 Los Angeles No
Viettel Group AS7552 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:239 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
ViewQwest Private, Ltd AS18106 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:130 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
ViewQwest Private, Ltd AS18106 2001:504:13:0:0:0:211:10 Any2 Los Angeles No
Vitalwerks Internet Solutions, LLC AS14627 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:217 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
VNPT Global USA, LLC AS45896 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:44 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Vocus Connect PTY, ltd. AS4826 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:136 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Vodafone NZ Ltd. AS9500 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:227 Any2 Los Angeles No
Voxel Dot Net AS29791 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:129 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
VPLS AS35908 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:19 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
WBS Connect AS19080 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:111 Any2 Los Angeles No AS40048 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:55 Any2 Los Angeles Yes AS18450 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:172 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
WiLogic, Inc. AS53520 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:223 Any2 Los Angeles No
Wolfe Internet AS4258 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:250 Any2 Los Angeles Yes AS32105 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:110 Any2 Los Angeles Yes
Yahoo! Inc. AS10310 2001:504:13:0:0:0:0:195 Any2 Los Angeles No
Yipes AS6517 2001:504:13:0:0:0:210:12 Any2 Los Angeles No
Global Telecom & Technology Americas, Inc. AS4436 2001:504:13:5:0:0:0:150 Any2 Miami No
Inforelay West, Inc AS33597 2001:504:13:5:0:0:0:3 Any2 Miami No
Atlantic Metro Communications, LLC AS29838 2001:504:13:6:0:0:0:2 Any2 New York No
GaiKai, Inc. AS33353 2001:504:13:6:0:0:0:5 Any2 New York No
Global Telecom & Technology Americas, Inc. AS4436 2001:504:13:6:0:0:0:150 Any2 New York No
Hong Kong Broadband Network, Ltd AS9269 2001:504:13:6:0:0:0:4 Any2 New York No
Packet Exchange Ltd. AS25973 2001:504:13:6:0:0:0:3 Any2 New York No
Atlantic Metro Communications, LLC AS29838 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:20 Any2 NorthEast No
Axcelx Technologies, LLC AS33083 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:23 Any2 NorthEast No
Blackmesh, Inc. AS36473 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:C Any2 NorthEast No
Cavalier Telephone, LLC AS16810 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:10 Any2 NorthEast No
Edgecast Networks, Inc. AS15133 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:29 Any2 NorthEast No
GaiKai, Inc. AS33353 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:27 Any2 NorthEast No
Global Telecom & Technology Americas, Inc. AS4436 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:151 Any2 NorthEast No
Global Telecom & Technology Americas, Inc. AS4436 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:150 Any2 NorthEast No
Hong Kong Broadband Network, Ltd AS9269 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:28 Any2 NorthEast No
Host Virtual, Inc. AS36236 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:26 Any2 NorthEast No
Hostventures Telecom AS15189 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:F Any2 NorthEast No
Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers AS16876 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:12 Any2 NorthEast No
Mammoth Networks AS10835 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:19 Any2 NorthEast No
MCSP AS11951 Any2 NorthEast No
Move Clicks, L.L.C. AS40015 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:B Any2 NorthEast Yes
OCCAID, Inc. AS30071 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:22 Any2 NorthEast No
Packet Exchange Ltd. AS25973 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:8 Any2 NorthEast No, Inc. AS26251 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:11 Any2 NorthEast No
Tiggee, L.L.C. AS16552 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:9 Any2 NorthEast No
TowardEx Technologies AS27552 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:21 Any2 NorthEast No
True Records, Inc. AS47328 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:E Any2 NorthEast No
WBS Connect AS19080 2001:504:13:1:0:0:0:4 Any2 NorthEast No
AARNet P/L AS7575 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:16 Any2 Northern California Yes
Box.Net AS33011 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:B Any2 Northern California Yes
Broadband One, Inc. AS19151 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:35 Any2 Northern California No
Cisco Systems, Inc. AS109 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:42 Any2 Northern California No
CityLink Telecommunications NM, LLC AS7850 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:45 Any2 Northern California No
Corporate West AS13917 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:12 Any2 Northern California Yes, Inc. AS11365 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:17 Any2 Northern California Yes
Energy Group Networks, LLC AS18779 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:14 Any2 Northern California No
Fiber Internet Center AS26803 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:1F Any2 Northern California Yes
GaiKai, Inc. AS33353 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:41 Any2 Northern California No
Global Telecom & Technology Americas, Inc AS4436 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:151 Any2 Northern California No
Global Telecom & Technology Americas, Inc AS4436 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:150 Any2 Northern California No
Hurricane Electric AS6939 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:21 Any2 Northern California No
Inforelay West, Inc. AS33597 2001:504:13:3:0:0:27 Any2 Northern California Yes, Inc. AS16406 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:10 Any2 Northern California Yes
Internet Mainstreet AS3720 Any2 Northern California Yes
Layer42.Net, Inc. AS8121 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:5 Any2 Northern California No
Linkline Communications, Inc. AS11841 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:15 Any2 Northern California No
NASA Ames AS24 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:13 Any2 Northern California No
Orcon LTD AS4610 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:22 Any2 Northern California No
Peak Web Hosting AS33529 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:3 Any2 Northern California No
RETN, LTD. AS9002 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:23 Any2 Northern California No
Serverel AS50245 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:44 Any2 Northern California No
Silicon Connections, L.L.C. AS11190 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:E Any2 Northern California Yes
Silicon Valley Web Hosting AS13332 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:36 Any2 Northern California No
Voxel Dot Net AS29791 2001:504:13:3:0:0:0:4 Any2 Northern California Yes