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Mel Melara
VP Sales - Bridgepointe Technologies

Bridgepointe Technologies Partners with CoreSite to Close Large Hybrid Cloud Customer

The move to Hybrid Cloud is rapidly increasing as Enterprises look to navigate a move to the Cloud, while some Born-in-the-Cloud or Cloud-first companies move away from the Cloud in an effort to control rising monthly costs.

Together, CoreSite and Bridgepointe recently closed a large Global 1000 customer that was looking to reduce their run away Cloud spend and optimize performance with a Hybrid Cloud environment. The company wanted to move their Hadoop Big Data architecture from AWS to a datacenter company that had AWS DirectConnect capabilities on site.

After attending a detailed customer discovery meeting on the clients Hybrid Cloud requirements, Mel Melara, VP Sales and Head of Data Center Practice at Bridgepointe, a premier Master Agent headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, reached out to Bob Fasano, West Region Senior Director of Channel Sales at CoreSite, in an attempt to work together on a detailed proposal. Bob quickly assembled the CoreSite Sales and Support team, solutions architects and sales engineers to develop a solution to meet the customer needs.

After multiple meetings with the customer and internal strategy sessions, the Bridgepointe/CoreSite team developed a comprehensive proposal that reduced the total cost of ownership, met stringent delivery timelines and ultimately improved the overall performance of the customers environment.

“From start to finish, the engagement process and customer interactions were positive, responsive and solutions oriented,” said Mel Melara VP Sales at Bridgepointe, “the customer had high demands with respect to Direct Cloud Onramps, Fault Tolerance, High Performance Networking needs and High Density Power requirements with Secure Custom Cage and Compliance requirements.” Mel continued to say… “ the professionalism of the entire CoreSite Team along with the Hybrid Cloud capabilities made CoreSite the perfect fit.”
 “We are pleased to be working with Bridgepointe and are thankful for the partnership, support and guidance that Mel Melara provided for this opportunity.” Said Dave Biermann, CoreSite Vice President of Channels.

The Move to Hybrid Cloud – Key Areas to Consider

  1. TCO– Total Cost of Ownership
  2. Resource Consolidation
  3. Data Security Concerns
  4. Direct Cloud Onramps
  5. Network Performance and Redundancy
  6. Growth and Scale