Efficiency Focused

CoreSite employs data center cooling best practices and optimal power designs to provide our customers with high-performance, reliable, and energy-efficient data center solutions.

We are proud to be a leading provider of secure, reliable, and efficient data centers-efficient for our customers, for CoreSite, and for the environment. As an energy-intensive business, we believe that efficiency begins with a facility design that features state of the art systems that help us reduce our environmental impact. We installed fuel cells at one of our data centers in 2018 and are committed to continue this commitment into the future.

Data Center Efficiency

We follow a proactive maintenance and upgrade strategy to preserve and further improve the efficiency of our existing infrastructure.

Examples in 2018 included:

  • Updated and optimized the air handler and chiller plant at our SV3 site: 7,400 MWh savings. Changes to the Building Automation Systems include: optimized chiller staging, dynamic chilled water pressure and temperature controls
  • Optimized tile perforation in five computer rooms at our LA2 site. The new tiles reduce fan speeds by up to 47% in certain computer rooms. In addition, the air handling controls were reconfigured to adjust based on underfloor pressure: 4,900 MWh projected annual reductions
  • Optimizing HVAC systems at our NY1 site, which resulted in lowered compressor pressures and fan speeds: 8% reduction in PUE at NY1
Power Room

Renewable and Alternative Energy

We recognize the crucial role renewable and alternative energy will play in balancing the immense energy needs of the data center industry, as well as our customers' interest in carbon-neutral data storage. Our NY2 data center utilizes 100% renewable energy as a result of our procurement of 100% wind-sourced Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), which cover all of the site’s usage, approximately 37,000 MWh in 2018. We’ve installed a 1.5 MW fuel cell at our SV2 site.


Absolute Emissions

1,000 metric tons of CO2e

Carbon Intensity *
Per $M Revenue

tons of CO2e

Carbon Intensity *
Per NRSF **

tons of CO2e
* Emissions include scope 2 emissions from data center electricity and scope 1 emissions from natural gas usage (less than 1%). 2017 location- based data were adjusted using updated 2017 eGRID emission factors. CoreSite relies on GHG accounting standards and tools, which continually refine their emission factors based on growing knowledge and availability of more recent measurements. We continue to evaluate the disclosure of market-based emissions as the methodology evolves.

** Net Rentable Square Feet

Water use

Water Tower

We primarily use water for the cooling of our data centers. Therefore, to save energy related to cooling, we must occasionally increase water usage. We are continuously working to balance our energy and water usage and particularly work to reduce our use of potable water.

As part of our commitment to minimize our freshwater footprint, we frequently utilize rainwater to cool our data centers when possible. For example, a recycled water cistern at our VA2 site installed in 2017 saved 1.2 million gallons of water in 2018. CoreSite maintains an additional cistern at our VA2 data center, which holds 80,000 gallons. These projects not only reduce our freshwater consumption but also increase our operational resilience.

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