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Our Colocation Savings Calculator is a tool designed to provide clarity around the cost of manage data in-house versus trusting it to a third party provider. While it's obvious that leasing space in a secure, high-performance environment will make data management easier, especially with industry compliance guarantees and uptime SLAs, it's not always clear whether the switch will be cost effective.

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CoreSite provides the colocation savings calculator as directional guidance to help users determine the potential cost savings of colocation services versus in-house data management. All numeric figures in the tool are based on industry averages and CoreSites's experience. These calculations are estimates, they are not a guarantee of actual pricing and are not representative of a comprehensive cost analysis. Factors will vary based on organizational requirements for each end user. CoreSite will not be held accountable for any actions taken as a result of use of this calculator. READ MORE ABOUT OUR LEGAL DISCLAIMER.