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XO Communications leverages CoreSite to provide world-class solutions and an extraordinary customer experience.

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The Challenge

  • Expand national footprint in reliable data centers to be closer to prospective customers
  • Access larger networks of carriers to improve service and increase sales
  • Accelerate time to market of new solutions, including Network Enabled Cloud

The Solution

  • Leverage CoreSite cage colocation for configuration flexibility and easier infrastructure management
  • Adopt CoreSite cross connects to improve network performance, reduce latency, and increase uptime
  • Participate in the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange to gain visibility to prospective customers and partners

The Results

  • Expanded nationwide footprint of on-network datacenter facilities
  • Supported widespread rollout of Network Enabled Cloud strategy
  • Increased revenue opportunities and improved positioning for continued growth
  • Colocated in a network-dense environment with more carrier options

“The CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange is an exciting solution that supports our Network Enabled Cloud strategy by making it easier for our customers to connect with carriers and cloud service providers. CoreSite has done a tremendous job unifying the market in one place, which empowers us to grow our business faster and more cost effectively.”

Amador Lucero

COO, XO Communications

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