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Data centers with access to the cloud, network and IT providers you need

We provide data centers with access to the clouds and networks you need to build a more efficient hybrid IT solution. Additionally, we have partnerships with managed service providers in our facilities that can help with everything from workload assessment through migration and testing.  

If you’re looking to lower latency and boost efficiency, cloud-enabled colocation can help. CoreSite provides:

  • A high-performance, dedicated data center environment for your private infrastructure that comes with a 100% uptime service level agreement
  • Access to hundreds of clouds, networks and managed service providers on-site that you may need to leverage when building your hybrid solution
  • Direct connect solutions to AWS, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, IBM and Alibaba
  • The CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange, offering on-demand one-to-many access to cloud and network providers of your choice

Public cloud on-ramps


AWS Direct Connect

AWS Direct connect allows you to establish a secure, dedicated connection to Amazon Web Services—enabling you to build a hybrid cloud solution with reduced data transfer costs and guaranteed network performance.

Microsoft Azure

Microscoft Azure ExpressRoute

ExpressRoute enables private connectivity to Microsoft Azure, offering seamless hybrid cloud solutions with more reliability, lower egress rates and higher throughput than the typical Internet connections.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Interconnect

Direct peering available via CoreSite Any2Exchange® offers low latency, SLA-backed connectivity into Google Cloud Platform. With direct peering, you can lower your total cost of ownership through reduced egress pricing.

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“CoreSite’s data centers offer a blank canvas for us to design, build and configure everything just as we need it to be. Very few providers offer that level of customization and flexibility, and almost none of them can deliver it in the locations we need.”

Searl Tate

Director of Network Engineering, Paul Hastings, LLP

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