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Level 3 Communications operates and maintains a global communications network to help deliver managed solutions for enterprises, carriers and governments.
We offer fiber-based infrastructure and data center solutions, IP-based voice and data communications, wide-area Ethernet services, security solutions, video and content distribution and cloud-based solutions. Anchored by extensive fiber networks on three continents connected by undersea facilities, our global services platform features deep metro assets reaching more than 500 markets in over 60 countries. 
We take ownership of network reliability and security, so our customers can own their success in return. Learn more: www.level3.com.
Level 3® Cloud Connect Solutions E-Line:
Level 3’s Cloud Connect Solutions E-Line extends CoreSite’s Open Cloud Exchange beyond its data center by allowing customers easy, quick access to data and applications inside CoreSite data centers through a secure, reliable and private connection. Level 3 offers access into every CoreSite data center campus, Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions E-Line enables you to connect to the nearest facility, establish additional data center facilities or reach new cloud services and applications. Using Level 3 connectivity, CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange participants can reach different markets or cloud service providers, including Amazon Web Services (AWS). 
Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions E-Line Benefits: 
Deliver cloud-based mission critical applications quickly and without interruption with Level 3’s highly redundant fiber network. 
As a private network, your connection is inherently secure and helps minimize exposure to external threats. Level 3’s global network, widespread visibility and portfolio of security services add an additional layer of protection. 
Level 3 E-Line connections allow enterprises to access network technologies that meet their needs and bandwidth requirements on demand using Level 3SM Adaptive Network Control capabilities. 
Fast Installs Compared with other Ethernet installs, which have standard intervals between 3 to 6 months, pre-provisioned Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions E-Line can be installed in less time than a standard Internet connection. 
Cost Savings 
Level 3 Cloud Connect Solutions E-Line connections are flat-rated (distance insensitive), so the cost does not increase with every network mile between your location and cloud or data center provider. Now, you can buy the right cloud service, not just the one closest to your enterprise location
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