S2:E4 The Value of an Interconnected Ecosystem: Cloud Optimization

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S2:E4 The Value of an Interconnected Ecosystem: Cloud OptimizationGet Webinar

Live stream with CoreSite’s Chief Revenue Officer, Steve Smith every Friday at 9:00AM MST for an interactive discussion on industry trends and hot topics with CoreSite ecosystem partners.  

May 22nd, Season 2 Episode 4
Organizations face a challenging business climate as they race even faster to better understand how the cloud can help them in their digital transformation journey.

The rapid change of technology, architectures, security and compliance, along with network, compute and storage/DR requirements has created a big burden on business leaders and IT executives. Gaining an understanding of all of these pieces and assessing price, performance, ROI and TCO models can help companies make the best decision, but how do they get there?

Groupware Technologies, a valued CoreSite Solution Partner, recently named to The CRN Elite 2020 is based in Silicon Valley and serves high demand brand customers across all verticals, including Facebook, NVIDIA, Salesforce.com, etc. They optimize Cloud spend and architectures for hundreds of customers.  We will look at runaway cloud costs, how to control monthly cloud spend, hybrid cloud connectivity, architecture review and assessing for the optimal digital transformation.

Special Guests:
Hear from industry experts, John McGivern, Senior Director of Cloud Optimization Services at Groupware Technology and Daryl Harrington, Director of Cloud Solutions at Groupware Technology

Trending Topics:

  • Cloud Optimization - gaining control of your monthly spend and performance
  • Direct Cloud Scale - Customer network dilemma vs DirectConnect & ExpressRoute
  • Optimal Digital Transformation - The value of an Architecture review and Assessment

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