S2:E5 The Value of an Interconnected Ecosystem: Data Center Migration

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S2:E5 The Value of an Interconnected Ecosystem: Data Center MigrationGet Webinar

2020 has brought a number of new challenges to the business IT landscape. Everything from business continuity plans, daily operating strategies and IT infrastructure management have changed as more people including IT and data center staff, are forced to work remotely. Many organizations are struggling to re-engineer their data center and infrastructure plans to account for increases in remote access of systems, demands for better performance and need for additional system resources.
EYP Mission Critical Facilities, one of CoreSite’s valued solution partners, offers a complete portfolio of consulting and engineering services to lead you through the strategy, design, integration, and operational efficiency of your data center deployments. They have a history developing new and innovative planning tools, design concepts and operations methodologies, and understanding what others have developed through working in thousands of data centers across the globe. EYP is well positioned to create flexible environments that can easily adapt to changes and disruptions in the business/data center operations -- while eliminating risks and creating efficiencies

Trending Topics:

  • Understanding the impact of the current 2020 landscape on data center management strategies
  • Determining what factors and resources are frequently missed during migration efforts
  • Learning how to ensure operational consistency and excellence during data center migrations and daily IT infrastructure management

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