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CoreSite's route servers currently perform filtering based on communities. We implement the following communities in order to allow peers to filter announcements on a per-ASN basis:

block announcement of a route to a certain peer - send 0:peer-as
allow announcement of a route to a certain peer - send $ANY2EASY:peer-as
block announcement of a route to all peers - send 0:$ANY2EASY
allow announcement of a route to all peers - send $ANY2EASY:$ANY2EASY

"$ANY2EASY" will represent the ASN of the route servers, depending on which market you are peering with them in:

  • 19996 for California markets (Los Angeles and the Bay Area)
  • 32184 for all other markets

CoreSite supports "default" peering configurations of either Allow All or Deny All, the intention of which is to attempt to ease the configuration burden on the customer. Selecting Allow All or Deny All under Peering Configuration will simply dictate which communities above (either 0:$ANY2EASY or $ANY2EASY:$ANY2EASY) are appended to your announcements that do not have this community set, thus either allowing other peers to receive your announcements, or denying other peers from receiving your announcements, while still allowing customer control over which ASN's do or do not receive their announcements.

CoreSite operates two route servers per Any2 peering VLAN. We strongly encourage customers to peer with both servers for redundancy.

For an up-to-date listing of all Any2Easy participants or to request additional information on CoreSite's route servers or route server policy, please e-mail

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