Why CoreSite

A unique combination of capacity, connectivity, community, and customer experience

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CoreSite enables customers to scale their services and network presence by offering them more than 2.5 million square feet of capacity across 15 data centers in eight of the largest communications markets in North America. We also deliver on high-performance application requirements, providing an optimal combination of capacity and value.



CoreSite data center campuses provide easy, efficient and valuable gateways to global business opportunities via direct access to more than 15,000 interconnections, 275 carriers and ISPs, the nation's 2nd second largest Internet peering exchange and the world's first Open Cloud Exchange. Our interconnection opportunities link our customers to thousands of sellers, partners and buyers—driving faster time to revenue, greater agility and major cost savings.



CoreSite’s cloud-enabled data center solutions offer more than just space and power—they’re designed to create the best environment for our customers' performance-sensitive applications. We provide direct access to strategic networks, close physical proximity to critical applications and partner IT solutions, and the broadest choice of cloud and managed service providers, giving customers the ecosystems and communities they need to connect buyers, sellers and partners. We build communities to connect buyers, sellers and partners with: 

  • 275 network service providers
  • 240+ cloud and IT service providers
  • 265+ enterprise and digitial content providers

Customer Experience

CoreSite's commitment to our customers includes local, corporate, and Operations Support Center service personnel dedicated to customer satisfaction. Additionally, our technical team features programmers dedicated to our customer portal, developing new automation and account management tools in response to direct customer feedback and ongoing research. Every customer also receives a direct extension and email for their dedicated account manager and service representative for easy outreach.

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