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Industry Solutions

Best-in-Class Data Center Solutions Tailored to Meet Industry-Specific Needs


Business Runs Through Data Centers

Each industry has specific requirements and goals, but data centers are a universal infrastructure necessity. Businesses are data driven. A multicloud, distributed architecture is the norm. Innovation is key to competitive advantage, as is the ability to rapidly adapt to changing industry demands.

CoreSite data centers serve as hubs for secure data transfer, management and processing. Proven ready for high-density, high-performance use cases and network scalability, they are a platform that enterprises of all sizes, in all industries, can use to expand, develop differentiators and build their future.

Exterior of CoreSite's SV8 data center

Data Center Solutions for Your Industry

The IT nexus empowering enterprises in these and other industries to modernize their business

Unlock your AI potential by colocating in a data center purpose-built for the high-density power, high-performance compute, and cloud and digital ecosystem interconnection AI demands.


Scale dynamically, maintain performance and application consistency. Easily, rapidly connect to networks, enterprises, digital platforms, and public and private clouds.


Data centers supporting artificial intelligence for EdTech create staff efficiencies, reduce operational costs, improve career satisfaction and teacher retention, and speed R&D.


Financial services enterprises are turning to colocation and cloud solutions to transform their business and minimize risk.


Government agencies are partnering with data centers to advance digital government initiatives such as IT technology modernization, improving access to services and elevating citizen experience.


CoreSite addresses performance-sensitive requirements and provides direct access to the vendors healthcare enterprises need to manage cloud migrations and develop digital healthcare solutions.


Media and entertainment enterprises are accelerating workflows and interconnecting with an ecosystem of stakeholders through CoreSite data centers.


Access to highly interconnected facilities, direct-tethered campuses, top U.S. and global peering as well as internet exchanges and an expanding customer ecosystem.


Customer experience dictates success for retailers. CoreSite data centers help you control operational costs and leverage technologies enabling supply chain optimization, consumer behavior analysis, seasonal scalability and more.


To be leader in the SaaS marketplace, you need to arm your organization with IT support and expertise that can address business concerns while also optimizing the performance and availability of your SaaS offering and platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WHY ARE DATA CENTERS IMPORTANT TO BUSINESSES? Data centers are engines of digital businesses, providing reliable storage and processing environments for vast amounts of data as well as dense network connectivity, enabling more efficient operations and data-driven decisions.
HOW DO DATA CENTERS CONTRIBUTE TO THE FINANCIAL INDUSTRY? Data centers help financial services enterprises deftly manage transactions with low-latency data networking and facilitate market trend analysis. Colocation can help protect financial data to address industry regulations.
HOW DO DATA CENTERS CONTRIBUTE TO THE MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY? Data centers support the myriad stakeholders in the content development workflow by hosting and enabling streaming services, storing and processing large media files and helping facilitate content distribution by industry enterprises.
WHY ARE DATA CENTERS IMPORTANT FOR GOVERNMENT AGENCIES? Government agencies and the entities that provide public sector services and solutions rely on data centers for secure transport, storage and management of sensitive information as well as delivering modern, digital public services to citizens.
IN WHAT WAYS DO DATA CENTERS SUPPORT THE EDUCATION SECTOR? Data centers are an essential link to clouds for educational institutions, hosting learning management systems, storing educational content and facilitating online collaboration among students and faculty. They support research initiatives and provide distance learning as part of bridging the “digital divide.”
HOW DO DATA CENTERS IMPACT E-COMMERCE ENTERPRISES? Data centers help ensure the always-on requirements of online platforms, simplify managing inventory and order processing, optimize supply chains and collect customer data used to direct personalized consumer experiences and targeted marketing strategies.