Data Center Solutions for Cloud and IT Providers

Offer your cloud and IT solutions in a mature, centralized ecosystem.

Offer your cloud and IT solutions in a mature, centralized ecosystem.

Flexible Capacity with Room to Grow

CoreSite offers plenty of room to grow—within and across all of our cloud-enabled facilities. Our flexible data center solutions enable you to scale at your own pace, and our nationwide footprint with more than 4.6 million square feet in 10 major markets is always available when you’re ready to expand.

CoreSite is also connected to hundreds of regional, domestic and international networks, giving you hundreds of options for staying close to your customers and improving service delivery performance. And we’re always building new capabilities to ensure that we continue to provide your customers with best-in-class performance, availability and uptime.

New Business Opportunities

Whether you provide cloud-based solutions to financial companies, healthcare organizations, digital content distributors, or professional services organizations, you are always looking for new opportunities to drive revenue. That’s why we created the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange®—a growing community of enterprises, networks and digital content companies. Buyers on the exchange search for new cloud solutions providers every day, and CoreSite can help you connect to them and fuel your growth.


A Whole New Marketplace

As a CoreSite customer, you are eligible to join our Marketplace where you can market your business and services within the CoreSite ecosystem; increase business growth by connecting with companies in need of your services; enhance your visibility within the data center; and draw attention to new or upcoming promotions. Explore the CoreSite Marketplace here.

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“We are committed to making cloud storage and replication easy for our customers. CoreSite serves as a partner in this mission, helping us move forward and achieve the powerful results we want. There is a trust and camaraderie to the relationship.”



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