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Cloud and IT Service Provider Solutions

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A Broad Ecosystem of Customers, Partners and Providers

CoreSite colocation is about more than just infrastructure. CoreSite is a gateway to a large ecosystem of potential customers, partners and service providers. CoreSite data centers offer cloud and IT service providers a range of opportunities to market services to more customers by interconnecting inside the data center or remotely via hundreds of regional, domestic and international networks. Whether you are a cloud provider, system integrator or IT solution vendor, CoreSite can expand your market reach – and improve your service delivery performance.

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Capitalize On the Promise of IT Modernization

Make colocation and direct connectivity your competitive edge in the IT services market.
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The CoreSite Marketplace is where enterprises, managed service providers (MSPs), service integrators, networks and cloud providers interoperate to drive business initiatives. As a CoreSite customer, you are eligible to join this robust community of interconnected companies to explore digital business opportunities and make profitable connections.
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Cloud providers utilize CoreSite to host their services, expand market reach, offer lightning-fast connectivity to customers and dramatically reduce data costs. The CoreSite marketplace serves as a meeting ground where you can find potential customers looking for cloud providers. The OCX’s automated connectivity services allow you to quickly onboard new customers quickly and establish highly secure interoperability.
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Digital platform success is all about engaging more customers. With CoreSite colocation, you can bring services closer to end users for faster response time and an impressive user experience. CoreSite data centers in 10 major U.S. markets provide inter-market connectivity and access to 450 domestic and international carriers and 40+ intercontinental cables to reach potential users worldwide.
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Open one port using the Open Cloud Exchange® (OCX) and you’ll gain access to the CoreSite Marketplace. The OCX provides enterprise-class connectivity and automated network services that allow high-speed interconnection between businesses, digital platforms, networks and clouds. Streamline business transactions, data delivery, new market expansion, customer service while reducing costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS CLOUD? According to Microsoft Azure, cloud is a network of remote servers around the globe which are hooked together and meant to operate as a single ecosystem. These servers are designed to either store and manage data, run applications or deliver content or a service. Instead of accessing files and data from a local or personal computer, you are accessing them online from any internet-capable device.
WHAT IS A CLOUD PROVIDER? According to Google Cloud, a cloud service provider, or CSP, is an IT company that provides on-demand, scalable computing resources like computing power, data storage or applications over the internet.
WHAT IS A MANAGED SERVICE PROVIDER? A managed service provider (MSP) delivers infrastructure services, for example network connectivity, disaster recovery or cybersecurity solutions via their data center or in a third-party data center.
WHAT IS A SERVICE INTEGRATOR? A service integrator is an IT consultant that helps an organization build, configure and deploy any type of technology.
WHAT IS INTERCONNECTION? Interconnection is a physical or virtual network connection between two organizations that enable the exchange of data.
WHAT IS THE OPEN CLOUD EXCHANGE? The Open Cloud Exchange (OCX) is a CoreSite software-defined network service platform, accessible via MyCoreSite, that enables CoreSite customers to easily add interconnections to public clouds, networks and a range of IT service providers.