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Google Cloud Interconnect

Low-Latency, Private, High-Performance Connectivity into Google Cloud


Speed Innovation, Scale and Connect to Business Data

Google Cloud Interconnect (GCI) is a secure, efficient native onramp that extends your data center infrastructure into Google Cloud Platform (GCP) through on-demand local, regional and global connections.

Direct, point-to-point interconnection bypasses public internet congestion and data transit uncertainties. Experience predictable performance supported by Google’s industry-leading availability and uptime guarantees.

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Google Cloud Interconnect

Dedicated access to computing, data storage, data analytics and machine learning services.
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Unlock the potential of hybrid app development with a seamless connection between on-premises workloads and cloud resources. Access to the full suite of GCP products and services enables you to add new tools and technologies as business requirements change.
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Reduce potential points of failure that can negatively affect network performance. CoreSite’s commitment to operational excellence ensures that network and systems perform at peak capacity, and the services and data you rely on to be productive and make decisions are always available.
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Connect to Google Cloud edge nodes directly and reduce latency by up to 44%.* Improve user experience significantly by delivering content via Google Cloud CDN. In addition to lowering overall network costs, direct connections can save up to 60% on data egress rates.** With more predictable billing, you’ll be able to track the value of cloud projects and better manage expenses.
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Reduce potential points of failure and protect sensitive information with direct cloud connectivity. Leveraging a native onramp to Google Cloud through a CoreSite data center allows you to transfer data without using the internet, reducing risk to enterprise and customer data.


Access Google Cloud Platform products and services to simplify, speed modernization.

On-Demand, Virtual Connectivity to GCP

The Google Cloud Interconnect – Partner Interconnect option connects on-premises and cloud environments via the Open Cloud Exchange® in all CoreSite markets. Ethernet virtual connections up to 10Gbps provide flexibility, reliability and security. And with the MyCoreSite® service delivery platform, you can quickly provision and manage connections and move data between clouds.
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Dedicated, Physical Connectivity to GCP Options

The Google Cloud Interconnect – Dedicated Interconnect option physically connects on-premises networks and Google’s global network. Fiber cross connects enable fast, reliable and cost-effective connectivity. 

Meet data demands with up to 100GBps at CoreSite’s Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Northern Virginia and Silicon Valley campuses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS GOOGLE CLOUD INTERCONNECT? Google Cloud Interconnect is a set of services provided by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that enables customers to establish private, high-performance connections between their on-premises infrastructure and Google Cloud.
WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GCI AND PEERING? Google Cloud Interconnect is focused on providing dedicated, private connections between your on-premises network and GCP. Peering establishes connections between different networks within GCP or between a Google Cloud network and external networks.
WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DEDICATED INTERCONNECT AND PARTNER INTERCONNECT? The dedicated approach involves a dedicated physical connection that isn’t shared with others. The interconnect partner approach involves an intermediary service provider such as a colocation data center and doesn’t require a direct physical connection.
HOW DOES CLOUD INTERCONNECT IMPROVE ENTERPRISE RESILIENCE? Cloud Interconnect improves enterprise resilience through the ability to configure redundant connections; the combination of low latency and high throughput; and predictable, consistent network performance.
WHO USES GOOGLE CLOUD INTERCONNECT AND WHY? Some of the users of GCI include enterprises with hybrid cloud deployments, media and entertainment companies that work with media files, healthcare organizations that require compliance with sensitive data regulations, any business that has fluctuating and/or seasonal compute requirements and enterprises with global operations that require consistent, efficient access to cloud resources.
HOW DOES CLOUD INTERCONNECT ACCELERATE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION? Cloud Interconnect enables the seamless integration between on-premises infrastructure and cloud resources, allowing enterprises to place workloads strategically, and share data and applications. Access to cloud scalability overcomes traditional limitations of data center capacity, which can speed up go-to-market initiatives. Additionally, enterprises can move data to and from the cloud to satisfy regulations.

* Calculations based on speed tests conducted by CoreSite of direct interconnection product vs. the public Internet and may not accurately reflect your performance improvements. These tests have not been independently verified by any third-party and should not be deemed to be an assurance or guarantee as to expected performance.

** Cost savings are based on CoreSite cost comparisons using publicly available and private information and/or CoreSite customer reported costs savings and may not be indicative of the costs savings that may be experienced by every customer that switches to the applicable CoreSite service.