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Colocation for SaaS Providers

Optimal Environment for High-Performance Software-as-a-Service Platforms


Build Your SaaS Platform on a Strong Foundation

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, your infrastructure is the foundation of your service. While many SaaS companies rely on a combination of public and private clouds, SaaS leaders also leverage the benefits of data center colocation – low latency, reliability, scalability and cost-efficiency – and direct cloud connections.

CoreSite provides an IT nexus where a diverse ecosystem of partners including top cloud providers, service integrators, networks and enterprises accelerate business initiatives. 

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Built for Your Interoperability and Interconnection Requirements

Make colocation and direct connectivity your competitive edge in the SaaS market.
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Downtime and latency are unacceptable for a SaaS-dependent business. Deliver your service with availability and speed that creates a winning user experience. CoreSite's uptime SLA ensures 100% business continuity. In addition, native cloud onramps can lower latency by an average of 44% compared with connecting to the cloud through the public internet.*
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As you gain customers and grow your service, scalability is vital. With CoreSite colocation and direct connectivity to multiple cloud providers, you can scale resources as needed via MyCoreSite®, an easy-to-use service delivery platform. In addition, CoreSite facilities and solutions are built to support next-gen technologies and applications, so you can reach IT modernization goals today and tomorrow.
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As your SaaS business expands, you need to find data center partners that can help manage hybrid IT. With one port to the Open Cloud Exchange®, you gain access to a dynamic marketplace offering a diverse range of interconnections to networks, clouds and IT service providers. New applications can be deployed quickly across multiple markets using inter-market and inter-site connectivity.
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When colocating your data center with CoreSite, you still maintain control. You make the decisions about where your hardware is deployed and how it is managed. Meanwhile, CoreSite's expert team of data center professionals is available when you need assistance. CoreSite can help install and operate your data center deployment and keep mission-critical resources up and running.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS SOFTWARE-AS-A-SERVICE (SAAS)? Software as a Service (SaaS) is a cloud-based application that can be accessed via the internet, without having to install the software on a local server or computer.

A SaaS application is cloud-based, and users access it via the internet, usually using a web browser. 


Users choose SaaS applications because they are affordable and easy to use. With SaaS, you do not have to install the software on your local server or computer, minimizing the need for on-site hardware. Other advantages of SaaS include scalability, flexibility, reliability and automated backup and data recovery.

WHAT ARE THE COMMON TYPES OF SAAS APPLICATIONS? The most common types of SaaS applications include accounting and billing, communication and collaboration, human resources administration, content management, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and project management.
WHAT ARE THE MOST POPULAR SAAS APPLICATIONS? Many applications that you use every day are SaaS applications, and you may not even realize it. Some examples of very popular and well-known SaaS applications include Salesforce, Zoom, Dropbox, Slack, DocuSign, Shopify and Netflix.
WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL SAAS? Horizontal SaaS is a cloud-based business application for any user in any industry, such as accounting or human resources software. Vertical SaaS is a cloud-based application designed to be used by a specific industry vertical, such as healthcare or insurance.

* Calculations based on speed tests conducted by CoreSite of direct interconnection product vs. the public internet and may not accurately reflect your performance improvements. These tests have not been independently verified by any third-party and should not be deemed to be an assurance or guarantee as to expected performance.