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Azure ExpressRoute

Bring Together On-Premises and Cloud Applications, Data, Devices and Resources


Direct Connection to Microsoft Azure

Develop and implement your modernization plans with a foundation of predictable, high-throughput connectivity. Building hybrid cloud and multicloud applications without compromising security or performance is a top priority for enterprises.

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute provides a secure, private connection among your on-premises infrastructure, CoreSite colocation deployment and Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365. The Azure ExpressRoute native onramp offers greater reliability, faster speeds, lower latencies and higher security, compared to public internet connections.

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Azure ExpressRoute

Establish private connections between your colocation deployment and Microsoft cloud services.
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Establish secure, point-to-point connections to Microsoft Cloud in all CoreSite markets via the Open Cloud Exchange® (OCX). Support most Microsoft Azure cloud services, including Azure Stack, with connection speeds of up to 100Gbps. The higher the connection speed, the lower the latency. Deliver network performance that makes user experiences consistent, frictionless and differentiating.
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The top reason to connect to Microsoft Azure in-region is simple: fewer network hops plus no packet loss equals up to 44% reduced latency.* And, connecting to Azure compute edge nodes results in 60% less network variability.* Direct connectivity also enables reduced data egress rates for all data transferred over ExpressRoute to Azure private connections – up to 60% data savings.**
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Bring the power of Azure cloud compute to on-premises environments. Integrate your hybrid cloud solution using Microsoft Azure Stack. Integration is easy. Deploy Azure Stack in a CoreSite data center and access Azure ExpressRoute via the OCX. Low-latency connectivity between Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack compute resources enables you to manage diverse workloads enterprise-wide.
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Reduce potential points of failure and protect sensitive information with direct cloud connectivity. Leveraging a native onramp to Azure through a CoreSite data center allows you to transfer data without using the internet, reducing the number of “attack vectors” and risk to enterprise and customer data.


Count on redundant connectivity and 100% uptime SLAs to deliver winning user experiences.

Optimize Outcomes with a Hybrid Multicloud Solution

Connect your public and private IT infrastructure seamlessly via the CoreSite OCX and ExpressRoute. Then, watch your opportunities unfold. Store data where it makes the most sense for operational, cost, compliance and security objectives. Rely on built-in network resiliency to deliver excellent user experiences. Scale on-demand and stop worrying about under- or over-provisioning.
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How to Start Using ExpressRoute and ExpressRoute Local

You have options - just choose what works best for your hybrid IT strategy. Either deploy equipment in one of our Azure ExpressRoute-enabled data centers. Then, order a cross-connect to the OCX or procure data transport services from an ExpressRoute solution provider and connect your in-house data center or corporate network to the OCX.
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Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT ARE THE TOP BENEFITS OF USING THE EXPRESSROUTE TO AZURE? In addition to improved security, low latency, increased reliability and predictable network performance, enterprises can meet compliance and data sovereignty requirements.
DOES EXPRESSROUTE SUPPORT GLOBAL CONNECTIVITY? Yes, Azure ExpressRoute can connect to Azure regions globally, which contributes to consistent network experience globally.
WHAT IS EXPRESSROUTE LOCAL? ExpressRoute Local is a SKU of an ExpressRoute circuit. It is a local circuit at an ExpressRoute peering location that provides access only to one or two Azure regions in or near the same metro area.
WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF USING EXPRESSROUTE LOCAL? Using ExpressRoute Local doesn’t incur separate egress data transfer fees. In other words, the price of ExpressRoute Local includes data transfer fees. ExpressRoute Local is an economical solution for transferring massive amounts of data.
HOW DOES IN-REGION EXPRESSROUTE AZURE CONNECTIVITY SIMPLIFY NETWORK ARCHITECTURE? Enterprises typically find it easier to configure, troubleshoot, manage and maintain the network when both the ExpressRoute circuit and Azure resources coexist in the same geographical region.
HOW DOES AZURE EXPRESSROUTE IMPROVE ENTERPRISE RESILIENCE? Redundant, primary and secondary connections ensure high availability and failover capabilities. Connecting on-premises infrastructure to cloud services enables data replication and disaster recovery. Hybrid cloud implementations allow enterprises to distribute workloads and optimize redundancy. Bypassing the public internet and its well-known risks improve data and application security.

* Calculations based on speed tests conducted by CoreSite of direct interconnection product vs. the public Internet and may not accurately reflect your performance improvements. These tests have not been independently verified by any third-party and should not be deemed to be an assurance or guarantee as to expected performance.

** Cost savings are based on CoreSite cost comparisons using publicly available and private information and/or CoreSite customer reported costs savings and may not be indicative of the costs savings that may be experienced by every customer that switches to the applicable CoreSite service.