Public Sector Solutions

Mission Critical Connectivity Solutions and Protection

From mission-critical applications to artificial intelligence programs: digital transformation starts in our data centers.

Leading Digital Modernization

Federal initiatives, such as the Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) and The Cloud Smart Initiative, are driving the public sector towards data center modernization. However, budget constraints, shortfalls in legacy IT infrastructure and increasing performance demands put more pressure than ever on leaders to broker technology solutions that work for today but scale for tomorrow. The public sector trusts CoreSite to deliver data center solutions that address mission-critical requirements they need to manage cloud migration and data center modernization.

Connect to Your Financial Community – Instantly.

CoreSite data centers provide an interconnection platform into a robust financial services ecosystem, as well as hundreds of network, cloud and IT service providers. We meet the most stringent performance demands with microsecond latency to nearly all the major financial exchanges, while providing the flexibility to scale cost-effectively in major metros.

Central Ecosystem of Providers

CoreSite is a one-stop-shop that provides direct access to a complete ecosystem of networks, clouds, IT service providers and enterprises. We’ll help you make introductions and enable a more efficient workflow, making your life easier and saving on network costs.

Secure, Compliant Infrastructure

CoreSite is US owned and operated and has been delivering secure data center solutions since 2001.  CoreSite’s compliant data centers and leading uptime, coupled with strategic alliances with Federal System Integrators and 8 (a) partners, deliver a holistic infrastructure solution to meet your mission critical needs.

The utilization of the high-impact baseline controls for NIST 800-53 Revision 4 reflects CoreSite’s commitment to successfully delivering rigorous compliance standards to support our customers’ Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) compliance efforts. CoreSite offers the physical security and infrastructure to enable customers to achieve FISMA or PCI compliance, as well as nearly any other compliance requirement. Our highly-trained, in-house security staff ensures mission-critical systems are protected at all times - guaranteed. As requirements become increasingly stringent, customers can be confident that CoreSite has the safeguards in place to protect their IT infrastructure

Solutions for Today, Flexibility for the Future


Externally validated to conform to a high standard of security that supports FISMA and PCI DSS, and nearly any other mandated requirements.

Public cloud on-ramps

Save on data egress rates and lower latency with direct access to leading cloud providers, such as AWS, Microsoft, Google, Oracle and IBM.

Cost of ownership

Colocation provides several opportunities to reduce costs. Power and networking costs, dedicated operational and security staff, and cooling efforts all must be considered beyond the expense of basic equipment.

Scalable solutions

Deployments ranging from partial cabinets to private suites on a national footprint so you can seamlessly grow as needs evolve.


Modern facilities that are able to support high-density requirements (up to 30kW per cabinet in most markets) for even the most power-hungry applications.

Other Industries

Healthcare Providers

CoreSite not only addresses performance-sensitive requirements, but provide direct access to the vendors they need to manage cloud migrations and build differentiated digital solutions.

Financial Services

The financial services industry is evolving to embrace new technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain and smart objects. Companies determined to transform their businesses while simultaneously minimizing risk are increasingly turning to colocation and cloud solutions.

Network Providers

Access to highly-interconnected facilities, direct-tethered campuses, leading peering exchanges and an expanding customer ecosystem.

Cloud & IT Service Providers

Scale flexibly, maintain performance and security, and easily interconnect to a variety of network, enterprise and other cloud companies.

Media/Content Providers

Full digital media workflow requires a robust ecosystem of studios, distribution companies, post-production services and numerous other elements to effectively deliver content to end users.

SaaS Providers

To be leader in the SaaS marketplace, you need to arm your organization with the IT support and expertise that can address real business concerns while also optimizing the performance and security of your SaaS offering.


When your students, faculty and researchers need digital solutions – start with a solid data center foundation.


CoreSite’s hyper-connected data centers are the perfect fit for achieving retailers’ business goals.

Accelerate Your Digital Journey