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Data Center Amenities

Designed with Your Comfort and Productivity in Mind


We Pay Attention to the Details

CoreSite’s high-performance data centers are built with more than equipment in mind – they also are designed to make you feel comfortable and “at home” while you are on-site. Data center features such as tech lounges with kitchens, complimentary Wi-Fi, conference rooms, office space, storage space, private parking, shipping/receiving capabilities and staging areas for unpacking boxes are just a few of the added colocation amenities.


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Look Forward to Working on Your Deployment

It’s data center amenities that make your time both well-spent and enjoyable.

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CoreSite security teams and data center operations personnel are on-site 24X7 and will be happy to escort you to your deployment and show you around the facility to get you familiarwith the layout.
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Several of our data centers provide private on-site parking to our tenants, even in downtown metros. Just call ahead to get details on parking in advance of your first visit.

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You need a place to relax, may be have a cup of coffee or a beverage. Couches, kitchens, freshly stocked vending machines and TVs are available at all times.

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Not every minute spent onsite includes working directly with network infrastructure. Private office space is available for monthly rent and conference rooms are set up to make meetings both productive and comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

DOES THE DATA CENTER HAVE CONFERENCE ROOMS AVAILABLE FOR CLIENT MEETINGS? Yes, CoreSite data centers provide well-equipped conference rooms for client meetings, presentations and collaborative sessions.
CAN I HAVE AN OFFICE RESERVED FOR MY COMPANY? Yes, CoreSite rents office space on a month-to-month basis.
ARE THE CONFERENCE ROOMS EQUIPPED WITH AUDIO-VISUAL AND PRESENTATION TOOLS? Yes, our conference rooms are equipped with modern audio-visual tools, projectors, screens, and other presentation amenities to support your business needs.
IS WIFI AVAILABLE? Yes, CoreSite has password-protected WiFi connectivity in our data centers. We suggest you check with the facility security team for details.
IS ONSITE PARKING AVAILABLE FOR CLIENTS VISITING THE DATA CENTER? Yes, we provide onsite parking facilities for clients at most (but not all) of our data centers. Please follow the designated parking guidelines and use the provided parking spaces during your visit.
CAN I TOUR THE FACILITY BEFORE MY SCHEDULED MEETING OR EVENT? Yes, guided tours of the facility can be arranged upon request. Please coordinate with your sales representative to schedule a tour before or after your meeting.