Any2Exchange for Internet Peering

Connect to the second largest internet exchange in the United States.

National Reach, Seamless Peering

CoreSite owns and operates the Any2Exchange® for internet peering. With 400+ members—over 250 of which are connected in California—it is the second largest internet exchange in the United States and the largest internet exchange on the West Coast.

Regional exchanges have been created on the East Coast, West Coast and in Florida to enable participants from multiple markets to seamlessly peer with each other. Together, the Boston, New York, Northern Virginia and Atlanta markets create the Any2East® exchange. The Silicon Valley and Los Angeles markets create the Any2West® exchange, and the Orlando and Miami markets create the Any2Florida™ exchange.

CoreSite provides direct access to Any2Exchange® switches from all of our data centers. Most of our switch fabrics feature a dual-core, dual-edge architecture for increased reliability and improved network disaster recovery configuration. Connections can be made over a variety of speeds, including 1Gbps and 10Gbps, as well as 100Gbps in select locations.

Benefits of the Any2Exchange

  • Improved network reach and performance
  • Direct connection to more routes
  • IPv6-ready at no extra cost
  • Settlement-free internet peering
  • Disaster recovery configuration

Getting started

To take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the Any2Exchange® for internet peering, customers must order an interconnection with CoreSite and separately negotiate a peering agreement directly with their network(s) of choice. A separate connection to the internet is encouraged and a registered Autonomous System Number (ASN) from a regional internet registry such as ARIN or RIPE is required to peer on the Any2Exchange® for internet peering.

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