Data Centers Built for Enabling Artificial Intelligence

Depend on CoreSite to unlock your AI potential

The Incubator for AI 

Reaching the AI potential for your business depends on an infrastructure capable of high-density power, high performance compute and low-latency cloud and digital ecosystem interconnection. 

CoreSite data centers are hubs for interconnection, providing broad and efficient access to the data sources that are training AI models. CoreSite’s network-dense data centers can serve as a funnel for data produced at every end point, by every connected device. 

They also are environments where the universe of AI users can operationalize AI technologies, leveraging: 

  • Flexible low-latency networks, interconnection and cloud networking options 
  • Variable capacity capabilities to develop AI applications that support unique business goals and use cases, from the cloud to the edge
  • Power and cooling sufficient to support the operating requirements of AI-servers

Industries Leveraging AI

Many organizations already are using or plan to use AI, or are providers facilitating AI access. Among the vast array, a few use cases rise to the top of the list:

  • Public Cloud Providers: Enabling ML deployments requiring immense scale and data access
  • Data Science Providers: AI-driven software applicable in multiple industries designed to take advantage of machine vision, natural language processing, ML and data APIs
  • Media and Entertainment (M&E): Streamlining workflows, cutting production costs and remonetizing existing assets
  • Infrastructure Providers: Leveraging AI to improve high performance (GPU-driven) applications
  • AI Application Developers: AI-driven cloud computing support for building and scaling AI applications in all industries
  • ML, Deep Learning, NLP Facilitators: Providing GPU-class performance on commodity CPUs or cloud-based AI resources
  • Enterprise R&D: Tackling genomics, biomedicine and multiple other universal challenges that, if solved, have the potential to be world-changing
  • EdTech: Addressing burnout and retention issues, cutting operational costs and streamlining admissions and administration, as well as fostering collaborative R&D

Enterprises Adopting AI

CoreSite clients are implementing AI in their business models today, leveraging the core strengths of the company – high-density, high-performance, reliable and secure data centers, and a vibrant digital ecosystem consisting of carriers, platform providers and IT services providers. Industries include:

  • Automotive: Developing autonomous vehicles and driverless delivery systems
  • Software Solutions Providers: Offering real-time development platforms for companies in gaming, M&E, general enterprise, manufacturing, government and more
  • Entertainment Streaming Services: Making genre and artist recommendations and building playlists customized to individual listener preferences 
  • Drug Development Enterprises: Offering advanced neuroimaging capabilities for biopharmaceutical companies, clinical research organizations, marketing organizations and patients

CoreSite is the Foundation Needed to Build Your AI Future

CoreSite is an AI accelerator, providing a direct onramp to AI-compute capabilities in all public clouds and is capable of hosting multiple “flavors” of AI processes, just as we do with public cloud providers. 

Organizations specialized in AI-scale data transport and AI-specific services can rely on CoreSite for the customization, interconnection, reliability, scalability and digital ecosystem they need to develop solutions today and continuously evolve their core competencies as AI matures.

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