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Colocation Cage

Customizable Data Center Cage Solutions to Fit Your IT Requirements


Build Out Your Ideal Configuration With CoreSite's Private Colocation Cages

Facing a complex data center deployment that also needs to scale with your business? Available in nearly all CoreSite data centers, colocation cages can accommodate virtually any networking, server and storage equipment.

We're ready to roll up our sleeves and help, providing guidance on design and a deployment that's future-ready. Plus, the CoreSite partner ecosystem puts network, cloud and data center migration services right for your business just a click or call away.

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Modernize Your It Infrastructure Quickly and Easily

Operate in a dedicated, private cage with room to scale your deployment footprint.
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Colocation cages offer more physical security for your servers, switches and other hardware than a cabinet. They don’t just increase access control, they also allow visibility, making it easier to monitor activity. Strict access control helps the confidentiality and privacy of your data, simplifying industry compliance requirements.
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CoreSite data center cages range in size from 100 to 5,000 square feet. To help make sure you choose the ideal data center cage size and configuration, CoreSite engineers will discuss your requirements, ask questions about your IT strategy, make recommendations and provide a layout for your approval.
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With dedicated space and advanced security measures, cage colocation provides peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your core business without worrying about the safety and performance of your IT infrastructure.
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High-density deployments can accommodate up to 300 watts per square foot. Power options include 120V, 280V, 3-Phase or -48VDC. CoreSite data centers are designed with redundant power, including uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, cooling systems and backup generators, to ensure the power option you choose delivers a steady flow of power.

A Fully Customizable Solution

Together, we can design and deploy infrastructure for your requirements now and ready for the future.

How Cage Deployments are Powered

CoreSite cage deployments are connected to electrical power sources – the utility gride and/or back-up generators by power whips.  Power whips help distribute power evenly. CoreSite employs three-phase power, which makes it easier to balance loads and optimize the utilization of electrical capacity for increased power usage efficiency (PUE).  Learn More
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MLB Network expands its content production, storage and archiving operations with improved network stability and disaster recovery

Working with CoreSite has enabled us to accomplish goals that we did not necessarily feel were realistic two years ago. The relationship has opened a world of new opportunities for us, and we are excited to continue the partnership in the future.”  


Tab Butler
Director of Media Management and Post Production, MLB Network


Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS CAGE COLOCATION? Cage colocation involves renting a dedicated, enclosed space (typically with mesh walls) within a data center for your exclusive use.
HOW IS COLOCATION CAGE PRICING CALCULATED? Colocation cage pricing depends on factors such as the size of the cage, power requirements and the interconnection services you deploy. 
ARE REMOTE HANDS SERVICES AVAILABLE FOR CAGE COLOCATION? Yes. CoreSite data center operations personnel can provide technical assistance as needed and contracted for.
SHOULD SMALLER BUSINESSES CONSIDER CAGE COLOCATION? Cage colocation is an excellent option for businesses that anticipate scaling up their data center deployment to support rapid growth.
CAN I CUSTOMIZE MY CAGE COLOCATION DEPLOYMENT? Absolutely. One of the advantages of cage colocation is the flexibility to configure and modify your location based on changing needs.
HOW DOES CAGE COLOCATION DIFFER FROM A DATA CENTER SUITE? A data center suite is often larger and could contain many cages and/or private rooms.