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Learn why MLB Network teamed up with CoreSite to expand content production capabilities and support growth.

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Secaucus, NJ

Year Founded


The Challenge

  • Rapidly scale infrastructure to meet growth demands
  • Enhance disaster recovery and business continuity capabilities

The Solution

Leverage CoreSite Cage Colocation to extend content management operations, increase storage capacity, and deliver redundancy for disaster recovery

The Outcomes

  • Reduced potential capital investment requirements with colocation
  • Expanded content production, storage, and archiving operations
  • Improved network stability and disaster recovery with redundant dark fiber connectivity
  • Strengthened position for future growth

“Working with CoreSite has enabled us to accomplish goals that we did not necessarily feel were realistic two years ago. The relationship has opened a world of new opportunities for us and we are excited to continue the partnership in the future.”

Tab Butler

Director of Media Management & Post Production, MLB Network

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