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Colocation for Education

Powering Next-Gen Learning Technologies


Accelerate Your EdTech Adoption

EdTech is rapidly transforming the ways students learn, teachers teach, and schools operate. Data center and cloud solutions are essential to educational institutions making distance learning, learning management systems and other digital offerings a priority.

CoreSite is uniquely positioned to support educational technology adoption and increase the value of technology in the learning process, research and school administration.


Transforming Teaching with Technology

Make colocation and direct connectivity your tools for optimizing student outcomes.
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From virtual classrooms and online courses to artificial intelligence (AI) applications, education technologies are revolutionizing learning. CoreSite colocation data centers are built for high-density network interconnection and the power and environmental demands of AI, online learning and other high-performance EdTech applications.
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AI promises to advance the mission of education. Almost all EdTech use cases incorporate artificial intelligence. AI tools help educators and schools save time by automating administrative tasks, procurement and admissions. Cloud and interconnection enable AI, and CoreSite colocation serves as a conduit to seamlessly transfer AI data between on-premises infrastructure and cloud.
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The demands on educational infrastructure are seasonal. The cloud is perfectly suited to respond. With CoreSite colocation and direct connectivity to multiple cloud providers, you can dynamically scale resources, so you pay only for the services you use. In addition, when moving infrastructure off-premises, costs for staffing, powering, cooling and scaling data centers are significantly reduced.
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CoreSite develops tailored solutions for any size educational organization and collaborates with clients to build resilient, future-ready IT infrastructure. The carriers, IT service providers, clouds and digital platform providers that form CoreSite's digital ecosystem offer everything EdTech organizations need to fulfill their mission of transforming teaching with technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS EDTECH? EdTech, short for “educational technology,” refers to a range of digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality, used to transform learning environments and school administration.
WHAT ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF EDTECH? EdTech includes artificial intelligence (AI), learning management systems (LMS), gamification and web conferencing. These are just a few examples of how education is transforming to improve teaching and administration.
WHAT IS A VIRTUAL CLASSROOM? A virtual classroom is an online learning environment utilizing web conferencing technology to allow teachers and students to interact remotely.
WHAT IS AN ONLINE COURSE? An online course is an educational course delivered via the internet, rather than in a physical classroom. Blended learning combines traditional, teacher-led instruction with elearning.
WHAT IS AN EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION? An educational institution is an organization with the primary purpose of teaching students.
WHAT ARE DIFFERENT TYPES OF EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS? Educational institutions include preschools, elementary schools, high schools, technical schools, colleges and universities.