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Move-In Assistance Services

A Program Guaranteeing a Stress-Free Data Center Move


Count on CoreSite for Seamless Data Center Relocation

Approach data center relocation as an opportunity, not a challenge. And the best part – CoreSite is here to help.

Moving your data center to a colocation facility does not have to be a formidable task. CoreSite's move-in assistance program will handle your data center installation professionally, securely and as quickly as possible, and without a disruption to your business.

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Streamline Your Data Center Migration and Deployment

Make CoreSite a part of your data center operations team.
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CoreSite is committed to delivering service excellence. CoreSite project managers are  industry experts in data center design, deployment and operation. They are experienced and well-trained to handle the coordination and implementation of any deployment and installation at CoreSite data center colocation facilities, no matter how large or complex.
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The CoreSite Move-In Assistance team can provide management of all data center project plan timelines and implementation of previously agreed upon installation milestones. CoreSite can support all your data center migration requirements, directly or through trusted partners for both your physical IT infrastructure and the workloads your business runs on.
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CoreSite's team can serve as strategic advisors, providing critical guidance to ensure that your colocated data center meets your unique needs. CoreSite offers data center design recommendations based on hundreds of successful customer installations. Using a proven approach, CoreSite offers consultation and a range of services to ensure the success of every data center installation.
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When colocating your data center with CoreSite, you still maintain control. You make the decisions about where your hardware is deployed and how it is managed. Meanwhile, CoreSite's expert team of data center professionals is available whenever you need assistance. CoreSite can help install, operate and manage your data center deployment, and keep your mission-critical resources up and running.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS A DATA CENTER? A data center is a facility that houses IT infrastructure for storing data, running applications and services. Data center providers lease space and charge for the power customers' equipment uses. Networks also connect to data centers, enabling data transport.
WHAT IS COLOCATION? Colocation is renting space in a facility built to support the operation of IT infrastructure equipment. A colocation provider leases space for customers to install remote data centers. The facility offers power, cooling and security to support the colocation customer's computing hardware and servers, as well deployment options such as cabinets, cages and private suites.
WHAT ARE SOME ADVANTAGES OF DATA CENTER COLOCATION? A colocation data center can provide infrastructure reliability, easy scalability, low-latency cloud connections, tight physical security, operational support and reduced capex (capital expenses) and opex (operational expenses).
WHO OWNS THE SERVERS IN A COLOCATION DATA CENTER? In a colocation data center, the customers own the hardware in their data center installation. The space for the data center installation is leased or licensed from the colocation company.
WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE CLOUD AND A COLOCATION DATA CENTER? In the cloud, servers are owned by the cloud provider. In a colocation data center, servers are owned by the colocation customer.
HOW MANY DATA CENTERS DOES CORESITE OPERATE? CoreSite owns and operates 28 data centers, totaling over 4.7 million square feet, in 10 strategic markets across the U.S.