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CoreSite Helps Customers Accelerate AI Adoption as NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center Partner. Read News

Data Center Design

Purpose-Built Data Centers Optimized for Cost, Performance and Scale


Accelerate Your Digital Evolution

CoreSite data centers are designed to provide the power density, cooling and interconnection essential to modern workloads. Our strategically located facilities and campuses serve as hubs for secure storage, management, analysis and exchange of data – all with a laser focus on your business requirements and aspirations.  

Proven ready for high-density, high-performance use cases and network scalability, CoreSite data centers are a platform that enterprises of all sizes, in all industries, can use to expand their business and develop differentiators as they build their future.


Data Center Solutions Built for Today, Ready for Tomorrow

Combining best practices with best-in-class services to future-proof your business
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Density and environment control suited for any size deployment.

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Operational excellence is why we are a leader in the industry.

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Experienced, trained and certified technicians protect your assets 24x7x365.

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Annual audits ensure we design, build and maintain compliance.


We build and operate environments ideal for accelerated data transport, intense-compute applications and housing your critical assets.

Power and Cooling

We use proven and innovative methods to efficiently, effectively cool, ensuring both energy use and infrastructure performance are optimized. From UPS systems and backup generators to advanced monitoring, we design to minimize power usage efficiency (PUE) – while delivering the density and environment essential to artificial intelligence (AI), digital platforms and enterprise applications. Learn More
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CoreSite data centers are built with redundancy, diversity and layered security needed to address strict industry compliance requirements. Security of mission-critical data and workloads are more challenging and vital than ever before. Compliance is a key consideration for private sector and government entities. Learn More
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Data Center Operations

Our people make it happen. Commitment to operational excellence is a value we instill across the organization. We are redefining what it means to offer purpose-built data centers, going beyond anticipating weather events or earthquakes to accounting for any issue that might impact data center operations.  Learn More
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Every CoreSite Data Center Operations (DCO) Technician is trained and security qualified. The training process we have developed complements the physical security systems built into our facilities, including perimeter fencing, building entry screening, mantraps, video monitoring and deployment access authentication. Learn More
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Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT ARE THE KEY CONSIDERATIONS WHEN DESIGNING A DATA CENTER? Key considerations include scalability, energy efficiency, cooling systems, security, redundancy and compliance with industry standards.
HOW DO YOU ENSURE THE SECURITY OF A DATA CENTER DESIGN? Security measures involve physical security, access controls, surveillance, fire suppression systems and protocols to protect against unauthorized access and data breaches.
WHAT ROLE DOES REDUNDANCY PLAY IN DATA CENTER DESIGN? Redundancy ensures high availability by duplicating critical components including power sources, networking equipment and cooling systems to prevent downtime in case of a failure.
HOW CAN ENERGY EFFICIENCY BE OPTIMIZED IN A DATA CENTER DESIGN? Employing energy-efficient technologies, such as virtualization, optimizing airflow, using energy-efficient hardware and implementing advanced cooling systems contribute to energy efficiency.
WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF COOLING SYSTEMS IN DATA CENTER DESIGN? Cooling systems maintain optimal operating temperatures for hardware. Proper cooling helps ensure equipment performance, extends equipment longevity and impacts systems availability.
WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT TIERS IN DATA CENTER DESIGN AND HOW DO THEY DIFFER? Data center tiers, as defined by the Uptime Institute, range from Tier I to Tier IV, with each tier representing a level of availability and redundancy. Higher tiers offer more reliability but involve higher costs.