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Inter-Site and Inter-Market Connectivity

Scale Without Constraints Among Data Centers and Across Regions


Connect Locally, Regionally and Control Costs

Inter-site connectivity enables an IT infrastructure to execute as though it’s all in one facility, even though two or more data centers are included in the deployment. Inter-market connectivity happens when the data center provider can enable private network data communications and application access between facilities across multiple markets. 

The business advantages? Predictable operational costs. Rapid, dynamic scalability and the freedom to run any services you want over “your” network.  

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A Multitude of Connectivity Options With No Long-Term Commitment

Establish cost-effective business partnerships locally and regionally.
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Manage both inter-site and inter-market connectivity through our software-defined service delivery platform – an efficient, single-point of control. Grow business by extending connectivity to data centers around the nation and access direct connections to cloud resources as well as new markets through CoreSite data centers, without physically colocating there.
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An agile hybrid IT strategy counts on a broad, diverse partner ecosystem. Fast access is a competitive advantage. Our inter-site connectivity offers up to 100 Gbps for inter-market connectivity. Obtain cloud services, managed services, IT services, content delivery and more via carrier-grade transport services. CoreSite works with the Ethernet and SONET/TDM platforms.
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Ready to simplify a big business expansion without capital investment and with low risk? Take advantage of nationwide software-defined networking (SDN) among CoreSite markets to connect across clouds and the country. The CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange® simplifies interconnection by virtualizing network functions. Move data directly between clouds, add security services easily and boost resilience.
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When you need data in real time, experience bursts or data volumes grow significantly, the cost of utilizing existing “lit” fiber connections can be challenging. CoreSite offers the ability to control the costs and broadband capacity by taking advantage of CoreSite’s dark fiber connections.


Capacity on demand, maximum security, complete flexibility and direct connections to cloud resources

Choose Your Method of Connection

Let’s say you want to connect our LA2 data center and One Wilshire. Our lit fiber transport solution offers rapid deployment. Or, we can activate a dedicated dark fiber pair for you on our high-count dark fiber ring.  Access the providers you need in an interconnection-dense facility while cost-effectively growing without constraints in a scalable, enterprise-class data center. 

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Tether Environments for Regional Hub Access

In some markets where CoreSite has a single data center, we offer common-carrier access to regional interconnection hubs. This creates tethered environments, similar to CoreSite’s inter-site options, for disaster recovery or other purposes. With 450+ domestic and international carriers and access to 40+ intercontinental cables, connecting your deployments is straightforward and cost effective.   Learn More
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Frequently Asked Questions

WHY DO ENTERPRISES USE INTER-SITE AND INTER-MARKET CONNECTIVITY? Common uses are to expand geographic operations, to enhance customer experience and to cultivate revenue opportunities in different financial markets.
IS INTER-SITE AND INTER-MARKET CONNECTIVITY BETTER THAN USING THE PUBLIC INTERNET? Direct, dedicated network connections are faster and more secure than the public internet, and they minimize data packet loss, thereby improving quality of service. 
WHY IS FIBER ADVANTAGEOUS IN INTER-SITE AND INTER-MARKET CONNECTIVITY? Fiber-optic cables transmit data using light signals, and this technology provides high bandwidth and low latency. Fiber can be used for short, medium and long-distance network connectivity.
HOW DOES INTERCONNECTION SUPPORT CLOUD APPLICATIONS? Organizations can support hybrid and multicloud environments by interconnecting on-premises data centers with private clouds and public clouds through a data center. Another example is content delivery networks, which use interconnection to cache and deliver content close to end users.  
WHAT ENABLES LOW LATENCY IN INTER-MARKET CONNECTIVITY? The key elements that enable low latency in intermarket connectivity include use of high-bandwidth, dedicated lines; colocation data centers; and control over network routing decisions.
WHAT ARE DATA CENTER CROSS CONNECTS? Cross connects are hardwired cables within a data center that create short, dedicated connections among servers, switches or other network components. Cross connects enable colocation customers to establish high-performance, direct connectivity to one another so they can, for example, complete inventory, order or billing transactions reliably and securely.