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Data Centers for Network Service Providers

Expand Service Offerings, Add Revenue Streams and Be Future-Ready


Maximize Your ROI – "Return on Interconnection"

As a network service provider, your specialty is making connections happen. So, what do you do when your customers ask to be connected to various cloud providers? By joining CoreSite’s data center ecosystem, you instantly expand your service offering, with direct connectivity to all the major cloud providers – including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Oracle and IBM.

Enable scalability, one-to-many, many-to-many and direct connection to leading cloud providers. Our ecosystem allows you to match connectivity requirements with your business objectives - and be ready to offer emerging essential services such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics.

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Interconnection – Technology Powering Market Expansion

Make colocation and direct connectivity your competitive edge in the network services market.
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By providing your customers with entry into the Open Cloud Exchange®, you can differentiate your network services and immediately gain a competitive advantage over the other internet providers. Your customers can establish one-to-many connections to a diverse range of networks, clouds and IT service providers – with the activation of a single port. 
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CoreSite delivers a community of more than 1,635+ customers — including leading peering exchanges, domestic and international carriers, cloud providers and enterprises — providing you with access to an ecosystem of buyers, sellers and partners to expand your customer base, build partnerships, capitalize on opportunities and maximize ROI.
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Regional and national carriers can economically extend their reach and reduce costs by joining one of CoreSite’s carrier-neutral colocation data centers. Regional carriers can grow service capabilities, and national carriers can expand into new markets – and save money by reselling local network footprints while only paying for the interconnections they need within CoreSite's data center campuses.
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Network providers need to be strategically deployed in data centers across the major telecom hubs. CoreSite enables your customer’s traffic to flow seamlessly into, throughout, and out of the U.S. With hundreds of network deployments and the largest peering exchange hub on the West Coast – Any2Exchange® for internet peering – along with access to the top global Internet Exchange Points (IXPs).

Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS A NETWORK SERVICE PROVIDER? A network service provider (NSP) is a company that provides network access to the internet by allowing a connection to the internet's backbone infrastructure.
WHAT IS BACKBONE INFRASTRUCTURE? Backbone infrastructure refers to the underlying network that connects multiple networks with each other.
WHAT ARE THE TYPES OF NETWORK SERVICE PROVIDERS? A network service provider (NSP) is a company that provides access to the internet, including internet service providers (ISPs), telecommunications companies, data carriers, wireless communications providers and cable television operators.
WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN NSP AND ISP? A network service provider (NSP) is a company that provides access to internet backbone infrastructure for other service providers, including internet service providers (ISPs). An ISP provides internet access for businesses and consumers. In some cases, an NSP will act as an ISP and provide internet access directly to a business, usually a large corporation.
WHAT IS AN INTERNET EXCHANGE POINT (IXP)? An internet exchange point is a marketplace that allows internet service providers (ISPs) to directly interconnect networks and exchange IP traffic, typically within a data center.
WHAT IS PEERING? Peering is a process that enables two internet service providers (ISPs) to exchange traffic without incurring extra expenses for network use.