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Local CoreSite service personnel is stationed in the CoreSite offices in the main regional data center location, reachable in-person, by email or phone from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time. Corporate service personnel is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mountain time.

  • Operations support center service personnel are available 24 hours a day via phone or email.
  • You can also reach any CoreSite department via our automated phone routing system, accessible by dialing +1 866.777.CORE.
  • Every customer also receives the direct extension and email for their dedicated account manager and service representative for easy outreach.



If you are a Nuvolat end customer and own or lease one or more servers that reside within a CoreSite data center or are a leasing company or secured creditor with a lien on a server located within a Nuvolat space, and wish to take possession of servers, CoreSite is aware and monitoring the evolving situation involving Nuvolat Cloud Group (“Nuvolat”).

In our role as landlord, CoreSite is limited in what we can do under relevant contracts, but we have dedicated the past two weeks to providing whatever support we can to assist Nuvolat customers in obtaining possession of customer-owned hardware. We have had very limited communication from Nuvolat regarding the state of its business, which has made it extremely difficult to connect customers with their hardware.  

Please be aware that CoreSite has not designated any specific partner to support the identification and retrieval of Nuvolat customer property. In addition, we are, unfortunately, restricted in our ability as landlord to act any further. If you need support with a colocation solution, please complete the contact form.

Nuvolat Communication dated 8/11/2020


Our operations and facilities teams work 24x7x365, providing the following options for emergency support:

Option 1: Login to MyCoreSite and submit a trouble ticket
Option 2: Email CoreSite Emergency Support at
Option 3: Contact a local operations team member


Should you have any questions or concerns regarding a statement, contact our accounting group directly via or by calling +1 866.777.CORE. As always, if you wish to involve our Customer Service team in any inquiry, please contact them at


If you are having difficulties logging in to your account in MyCoreSite, our customer portal, our customer service team will assist you. Whether you need to change a password or have any another issue, please email with details regarding your need and a representative will assist you as quickly as possible.

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