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Colocation Services

High-Performance, Secure Compute, Storage and Networking Services


Accelerate Revenue Growth and Business Drivers with CoreSite Colocation Services

CoreSite data centers provide high-speed, low-latency connectivity environments to meet digital business objectives. A platform for innovation, colocation speeds transforming operations and workload optimization, and coping with increasing data volumes.

Serving as hubs for interconnection, CoreSite colocation data centers link enterprises, customers and ecosystems from the edge to the cloud. Scale data processing bandwidth dynamically. Elevate physical security for your IT infrastructure assets. Reach new markets to grow faster.

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Colocation Deployment Optionality and Support

Customized colocation services for retail, wholesale and high-density deployments

Look What You Have to Gain

Meet the digital-ready needs of ever-changing business requirements.
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IT infrastructures are increasingly distributed. Data centers serve as the center for interconnection, cost-effective environments for hosting and developing enterprise applications and bolstering business resilience. Laying a foundation for the future, interconnection enables a conduit for funneling data key to artificial intelligence and establishes reliability essential for cloud-native applications.
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Outsourcing infrastructure reduces costs for power and cooling. Capital expenses for building, maintaining and securing facilities are eliminated. CoreSite direct connections to clouds significantly cut data egress and broadband expenses.

Colocation enables you to shift to an operational expense business model, still amortize capital investments and, in some states, qualify for tax incentives.
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CoreSite data centers are purpose-built to support your intensifying IT requirements and data processing demands. Data centers are getting bigger, more dense and more power-hungry. For most organizations, relying on an on-premises data center doesn’t ensure the flexibility or scalability needed to keep pace with objectives, or competitors.
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Digital transformation means there is more enterprise, business partner and customer data to protect. Keeping up on evolving operational and data integrity compliance regulations is challenging. CoreSite data centers are audited annually to show they meet requirements around processes, employee training, technical operations, incident management, use of best practices and security controls.


Speed IT modernization and get out of the data center business.

Interconnect with Digital Ecosystems

Our carrier-agnostic colocation facilities provide you with low-latency access to networks, clouds and IT service providers. Leverage dense networking and direct connections to gain access to hundreds of businesses within our data centers. Simplify establishing, managing and expanding interconnection with the Open Cloud Exchange®. Learn More
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Increase Performance and Reliability

Colocation provides an ideal environment for high-performance computing resources. Data centers are designed with redundant power and cooling systems as well as diverse carrier access and low-latency network technologies.

Data center personnel are the X-factor. CoreSite operations technicians are trained in every area of data center operations. Our training and technology set the bar for operational excellence.

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Helping Cancer Patients with Groundbreaking Care and Research

“We pride ourselves in offering exceptional care and to our patients and ground-breaking research to the cancer community. CoreSite has helped City of Hope future-proof our hybrid IT strategy that decreases our egress fees, reduces latency and is mindful of our potential requirements.”


Senior Manager, Data Voice Networking, City of Hope National Medical Center


Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT IS COLOCATION? A colocation data center is a facility that offers space with the proper power, cooling, network access and security to host businesses’ computing hardware and servers. This capacity includes anything from cabinets to cages to private suites.
WHAT ARE REMOTE HANDS SERVICES? In addition to power, cooling, network connectivity and security, colocation providers typically offer IT equipment installation and other similar services that are performed by data center operations personnel. CoreSite also offers cabling and wiring services including making cross connections, physical links between customers and clouds.
WHAT IS A CARRIER HOTEL? Colocation data centers are sometimes referred to as “carrier hotels” because many telecommunications services providers (carriers) install networking equipment in them enabling interconnection, often between long-haul carriers and metro-carriers, using the facilities as centralized locations to exchange data.
WHAT IS A MEET-ME ROOM? A meet-me room (MMR) is a place in a data center where multiple telecommunications companies (carriers) and network service providers (NSPs) interconnect, ensuring seamless transfer of data between colocation clients and carriers, including internet traffic.
DO THIRD-PARTY DATA CENTERS HOST CLOUDS? Yes, colocation data centers can host clouds. Customers in data centers install their infrastructure equipment there, including servers that can deliver cloud capabilities. 
WHAT IS CLOUD OR APPLICATION REPATRIATION? Cloud (or application) repatriation is the practice of retrieving applications or workloads from public clouds and moving them back into an on-premises data center or a third-party data center.