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Ensuring The Lowest Latency Connections Across Asia-Pacific

OneQode enhances its ability to deliver data to the last mile with CoreSite’s robust ecosystem of interconnections

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The Challenge

OneQode set its sights on strengthening its presence in Asia-Pacific’s major population centers and expanding its reach into burgeoning markets that are beginning to use real-time services. The company needed a data center partner that could provide access to a wealth of interconnections, allowing them to keep customer data on their network as long as possible.

The Solution

CoreSite’s Los Angeles data center (LA2) offers the robust connectivity OneQode needs to deliver experiences where milliseconds are critical. As part of CoreSite’s Los Angeles data center campus, LA2 is tethered by dark fiber to One Wilshire® (LA1), one of the most interconnected data centers in the world. This direct connection provides high-speed access to a vast ecosystem of domestic and international carriers, enterprises, cloud computing providers, media and entertainment firms, social networking sites and gaming companies. One Wilshire is also the termination point of multiple subsea cables—including those that land in Guam, where OneQode operates a cloud optimized for real-time applications. These diverse connections allow OneQode to build delivery routes that support real-time demands.

Improved Control Over Latency With Coresite’s Powerful, Ever-Expanding Ecosystem

CoreSite’s network ecosystem allows OneQode to interconnect with a multitude of carriers, enterprise customers and traffic end points. This supports the company’s shortest-path routing strategy for faster data transport critical to even the most latency-sensitive use cases. OneQode can also leverage submarine cables via CoreSite as a direct route to its cloud platform in Guam. Users can connect locally to immersive, computeintense online experiences such as virtual reality, live streaming, online gaming, voice chat and international financial trading.

Strengthening and Expanding Its Strategic Footprint With Scalable Data Center Services and a Growing Ecosystem

OneQode is focused on deepening its presence in Asia-Pacific footholds and tapping emerging, largely populated markets that are beginning to utilize digital services but remain underserved. OneQode’s growth strategy includes expanding into North America in the future. Offering access to an extensive network and 28 data centers in the U.S., CoreSite enables OneQode to optimize routing and ensure low-latency data delivery across a widening footprint. This partnership supported OneQode as it expanded into Manila and the Philippines to reach approximately 80 million internet users.

Minimizing Expenditures With a Single, Connectivity-Rich Data Center Deployment

Cost savings of OneQode’s CoreSite deployment go beyond competitive pricing. In addition to offering rack space and cross connects for less than other top data center providers, CoreSite’s data center model minimizes OneQode’s capital and operational costs. With a direct gateway to One Wilshire, OneQode gains access to a broad scope of interconnections in a single data center, eliminating the need to deploy infrastructure in multiple locations. The single deployment also controls capital expenditures by limiting the number of routers, switches, cross connects and other networking gear it needs to purchase.

Remaining Focused on Low-Latency Delivery Thanks to a Trusted Partner

CoreSite is a complementary partner to OneQode, not a competitor. The data center provider allows OneQode to purchase the services it needs without worrying that CoreSite will compete with it for its customers’ business. CoreSite is also easy to collaborate with from an engineering and planning perspective. This will be particularly valuable as the company continues to grow and integrate more racks and interconnections into its deployment at LA2.

“Providing performance infrastructure at the lowest possible latency is our priority. CoreSite’s ecosystem allows us to directly connect with a range of customers and carriers so we can support real-time data demands in the Asia-Pacific market.”
Joe Swinn
Chief Marketing Officer, OneQode

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