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On-Net Access to Google Cloud Interconnect in Chicago Makes it Easy to Do Business Better

People from the Midwest are known for being friendly and eager to help out. Don’t just take my word for it. Researchers from the University of Cambridge analyzed personality traits of 1.6 million Americans via Facebook, surveys and other data and found that the Midwest really is the most “friendly” region in the country.

Chicagoans are no exception, and with more than 35 Fortune 500 companies in the city, it’s clear that there’s lot of opportunity for friendly interconnection among the many global financial services, healthcare and service integrators headquartered in the Chicago metro area. The concentration of potential business partners and market density is one reason why CoreSite and Google have collaborated to simplify and reduce the cost of access to Google Cloud using Dedicated Interconnect and Google Partner Interconnect at our Chicago data center campus. Another reason? As you might have seen in this July 13 press release, “the integrated solution eliminates key challenges related to implementing successful hybrid IT strategies and improving business outcomes.” That’s true for companies in Chicago as well as those located near Denver, Los Angeles, Reston and Silicon Valley – other cities where CoreSite data center campuses offer native on-ramps to Google Cloud and direct internet peering through the Any2Exchange® peering platform.

Three Ways to Achieve Desired Business Outcomes

I am from Missouri, the “show me state.” When I hear a promise of better business outcomes, I want to be shown how that happens. Here are three proof points (of several) building the case for choosing CoreSite, matched to reducing total cost of operation (TCO), simplifying compliance and security, and reaching more customers. 

  • Lower TCO for cloud networking – Partner Interconnect opens a direct connection, bypassing the public internet and greatly reducing the associated data transfer fees. It’s a significant reduction that I’d welcome the opportunity to tell you more about.
  • Improve security and compliance – The private dedicated network connection is inherently more secure, and CoreSite data centers are compliant with security mandates for commercial, enterprise and government entities. 
  • Expand your market regionally and globally – Partner Interconnect to Google Cloud is enabled through the Open Cloud Exchange® (OCX). The OCX is an enterprise-class service that simplifies modern network architecture, provides interconnection to a huge exchange ecosystem and access to markets in your region and around the world via Google and other CSP global networks.

Getting better return on investment into your hybrid IT deployment is another overarching business advantage. As for big-picture technology benefits, it’s easier for enterprises with multi-region and multi-cloud architectures to directly integrate networks with Google Cloud. Another plus is that both Partner Interconnect and the OCX are rapidly implemented, turn-key solutions; you’ll gain more flexibility, cost-control and superior application performance for high bandwidth use cases in a matter of days, instead of months. 

Tax Incentives and an Exclusive Offer from CoreSite

 If you have been considering deploying in Chicago, now could be a smart time to go forward. The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (ILDCEO) enables eligible CoreSite customers to take advantage of a tax exemption program. The tax incentive applies to both new and existing customers at our CH2 data center. You should contact us to learn more, but here are the high-level details:

  • Exemption from Illinois sales and use tax
  • Eligible toward the purchase of IT equipment (including maintenance) and enabling software
  • Applicable for purchases made through August 2040

CoreSite is also making an exclusive offer to new customers deploying in our CH2 facility, the only enterprise-class data center in downtown Chicago. Again, you should get in touch to discuss the details, starting with:

  • Up to $25,000 installation credit
  • Save on rent: Six-month ramp provided to support move-in and migration services
  • Connect to the Open Cloud Exchange for free for 12 months

Click here to get more information. And while getting ready for that discussion, you can take a hosted virtual tour, accompanied by a CoreSite sales representative. It’s a great way to see the new data center in our Chicago campus and explore the colocation and peering solutions we offer to optimize your hybrid IT strategy.

CoreSite has eight data center campuses spanning the U.S., regional and global interconnection enabled through an ecosystem of 775+ network, cloud and IT service providers. But the way we make it easy to do business might make you think we are from the Midwest. 

Brian Eichman | Vice President of Business Development
Brian is Vice President of Business Development at CoreSite and has 20+ years of engineering and corporate IT experience.