Reliable Partner

We are committed to providing a best-in-class experience while building long-term trust with our customers.

We Are Committed to the Highest Standards of Business Ethics

Our culture of honesty, accountability, and trust guides us in our aspiration to maintain the highest standards of ethical business conduct. We put into practice a “tone at the top” philosophy, with a Senior Leadership Team that practices our guiding principles and sets a good example of ethical behavior for our employees. Holding ourselves to a high ethical standard as corporate citizens differentiates us in the marketplace, allowing us to attract and retain customers and high-quality employees that share our same values.

Business Ethics

We are committed to be a partner our stakeholders trust—trusted to do the right thing, to be honest, and to do our best for our customers. This pledge to operate according to the highest ethical standards has been an important value since we became a public company in 2010 and extends throughout our entire organization.

Several central policies and guidelines embody this commitment and clearly delineate what we expect of our employees, including our senior leadership team.

These include but are not limited to:

Customer Experience:

Our purpose is to provide trusted and connectivity-rich data communities that power our customers’ digital transformations towards a more collaborative world. Our vision is to be the preferred data center company for customers in our markets.

We invest in our people and data centers to drive exceptional customer service and operational resilience for secure, high-performance solutions. To accomplish this, we carefully manage the aspects of our business that are most important to our stakeholders and our ability to create long-term value. We recognize the role we play in supporting the success of our customers, investors, and vendors, and our impacts on the communities in which we operate.

Customer References

At CoreSite we take pride in promoting customer success and in highlighting companies, that are realizing real-world benefits by using CoreSite solutions. Below are two examples:

Higher Education Institution

Customer Story

MLB Network

Customer Story
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Risk, Resilience, and Business Continuity

Like any other business, we face risks. At CoreSite, we regularly monitor our risk landscape through a rigorous risk management process and maintain, and drill for, risk response plans for industry-related scenarios. To protect our own and our customers' infrastructure and operations, we equip our data centers with redundant power and cooling systems and maintain and upgrade these systems proactively, guided by digitized notification and tracking of preventative and detective maintenance. We work diligently to be prepared for various contingencies.


Our customers' IT equipment and data are protected from any physical intrusion by state-of-the-art security systems. Any cyber security threats to CoreSite's own IT environment are met with ISO 27001-certified controls. In the case of an emergency, such as a severe weather event, we respond through our carefully designed Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans and our commitment to operational excellence.

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Reliable partner

We are committed to providing a best-in-class experience while building long-term trust with our customers.

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People centered

The abilities and dedication of our employees allows us to deliver an exceptional customer experience and superior professional services.

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Efficiency focused

We are proud to be a leading provider of secure, reliable, and efficient data centers—efficient for our customers, for CoreSite, and for the environment.

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