Dstillery uses CoreSite cage colocation and Any2Exchange® for Internet peering to accelerate data analysis and deliver targeted ad content.

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New York, NY

Year Founded

The Challenge

  • Rapidly scale infrastructure to meet growth demands
  • Enhance network performance for faster query response times
  • Increase daily transactions and data storage volumes

The Solution

  • Leverage CoreSite Cage Colocation to expand content delivery capabilities, increase storage capacity, and improve system responsiveness
  • Adopt Any2 Exchange® for Internet Peering to allow multiple connections through a single physical port on the CoreSite network switch

The Outcomes

  • Expanded operations to execute more than 50 billion daily transactions
  • Increased query response times by up to 25%
  • Enhanced ability to instantly connect with preferred ad exchange partners
  • Strengthened position for future growth

“The Any2 Exchange® from CoreSite is a key component for our business, allowing us to instantly connect with other peering members including participating ad exchanges. Add the reduced cost and low network latency through a robust Internet Exchange like Any2 and it’s really an ideal solution.”

Amit Gupta

VP of Infrastructure, Dstillery

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