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Helping Cancer Patients with Groundbreaking Care and Research

City of Hope delivers outstanding care backed by CoreSite's secure colocation and dynamic cloud gateway options

The Challenge

As a healthcare organization, City of Hope must comply with strict regulatory expectations, including protecting its patients' personal data and ensuring 24/7/365 uptime of its critical systems so doctors and nurses can care for patients and scientists can conduct life-saving research without interruptions. To provide this secure, always-available environment, City of Hope utilizes a hybrid IT strategy comprised of two small on-premise data centers and a third-party data center in Phoenix. To strengthen this solution and create an effective disaster recovery/business continuity (DR/BC) strategy, City of Hope wanted to add another colocation facility and public cloud access to the mix.

The Solution

While the medical center originally wanted a colocation presence in Los Angeles, CoreSite offered an attractive alternative. Its Santa Clara (SV7) location not only provided the geographic diversity the medical center needed for DR/BC, it also offered a secure native cloud onramp. This direct connection enabled the closest proximity to the Azure cloud region, achieving Azure Express Route Local access for its storage platform.

CoreSite also offered access to its Open Cloud Exchange® (OCX), which allows rapid, real-time, self-service provisioning of direct cloud interconnections through a private online portal. With OCX, City of Hope can establish multiple virtual connections to service providers and public clouds via a single port.

Redirecting Saved Dollars to Care-improving Initiatives

Access to Azure Express Route Local significantly reduces data transfer costs and eliminates egress fees for City of Hope. Additionally, OCX eliminates the need for—and cost of—multiple dedicated ports. The SV7 deployment also positions City of Hope to reduce its on-premise footprint and utilize the real estate for revenue-generating purposes. By reducing these costs, City of Hope can funnel more dollars into life-saving care and research.

Real-time Access and 100% Availability Ensure Continuous Patient Care and Research

While City of Hope requires an on-premise footprint for workloads that demand ultra-low-latency connections, SV7 and its cloud deployments allow City of Hope to place workloads in the most appropriate environments to balance performance, security, costs and speed. Using OCX to easily create virtual connections from an existing port, City of Hope can quickly make these performance-enhancing adjustments. The online portal also allows City of Hope to directly manage connections in near real-time to seamlessly adjust bandwidth in response to demand to ensure capacity issues do not impact research initiatives or patient care.

Meeting the Diverse Needs of Clinicians, Patients and Researchers with Hybrid It

CoreSite enriches City of Hope's existing hybrid IT strategy, providing the necessary geographic diversity to deliver an effective DR solution as well as dynamic data storage via Azure. This helps City of Hope meet its backup obligation, protect patient data and maintain 100% availability. The native onramps within SV7 allow City of Hope to use colocation as a gateway to multiple cloud platforms to further enhance redundancy and deliver the unyielding uptime required to deliver outstanding patient care. With OCX, City of Hope has access to multiple clouds from one port—eliminating the burden of managing multiple connections and allowing its IT team to focus on patient-facing IT initiatives.

Sensitive Patient Data Is Protected by Robust Security and Compliance Measures

In the healthcare industry, security and compliance are critical. CoreSite helps City of Hope protect its operations and its patients' confidential data. CoreSite also adheres to a series of certifications and meets compliance standards including HIPAA and HITECH. Its multi-layered physical security includes perimeter fencing, security cameras, biometrics and badge access, and around-the-clock monitoring to ensure unauthorized individuals cannot access City of Hope's space. This security is reinforced by OCX's direct cloud connections that bypass the public internet to further safeguard sensitive information.

“We pride ourselves in offering exceptional care and to our patients and ground-breaking research to the cancer community. CoreSite has helped City of Hope future-proof our hybrid IT strategy that decreases our egress fees, reduces latency and is mindful of our potential requirements.”
Mark Hernandez
Senior Manager, Data Voice Networking It, City of Hope National Medical Center

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