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Compliance with HIPAA with guarantees of top-level security, 100% uptime and 24x7x365 data availability is critical for this customer.

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The Challenge

  • Upgrade and modernize entire IT environment
  • Securely store and manage sensitive data to maintain HIPAA and other compliance requirements
  • Guarantee 100% uptime to enable delivery and management of critical services to patients with complex medical needs
  • Scale to meet redundancy needs and projected business growth

The Solution

The healthcare documentation software provider is using CoreSite’s cage colocation, cross connects, blended IP connections, and office space to create a redundant, resilient, and scalable IT infrastructure with multiple layers of security and next-gen hardware.

The Results

  • Earned greater confidence in meeting and maintaining critical HIPAA and other industry compliance standards
  • Strengthened customer relationships and revenue streams through guarantees of top-level security, 100% uptime, and 24x7x365 data availability
  • Achieved the modern IT upgrade necessary to enhance value
  • Laid important groundwork to move into additional data facilities in other regions

When change was thrust upon them, the company was able to skip a lateral data center move and upgrade completely. CoreSite provides the modern, state-ofthe-art facilities the company forecasted as the next logical step in their evolution.

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