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SMI Corporation has helped thousands of businesses achieve reliable, secure and highly diversified network infrastructure.

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The Challenge

As a reliable adviser to thousands of companies, SMI Corporation emphasizes white-glove customer support while providing essential services like solution design and provisioning, with expertise in data center relocations away from expensive on-site builds in the New York City area. In one particular instance, the company wanted to assist a not-for-profit client relocate its network operations away from an on-site room to a secure, stable data center with extensive cloud and network carrier connections.

The Solution

Knowing all the available data center options in the region, SMI recommended CoreSite’s NY2 facility because of its close proximity to New York City’s business hub and low-latency connections to cloud providers and various carriers that support customers’ emphasis on incorporating cloud strategies into their businesses. More importantly, CoreSite’s model aligns with SMI’s commitment to doing whatever is necessary to satisfy the customer’s business needs and produce an exceptional experience.

The Results

Throughout the move, the customer was impressed by the responsiveness of the CoreSite staff and how smoothly the deployment went, even citing the CoreSite staff’s willingness to track down hand tools like box cutters that may have been left behind. With CoreSite, SMI Corporation has a dependable business partner who is equally committed to delivering the latest technologies and top-flight customer experiences for maintaining and sustaining business success now and into the future.

“Every data center provider offers updated facilities and infrastructure, but what differentiates CoreSite from the rest of the industry is the emphasis on the total customer experience. Whether it’s helping coordinate a move or providing support for complex technical challenges.”

Mary Anne Schafer

SMI Corporation

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