Data Center Operations

Day to day data center operations are CoreSite’s bread and butter.

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Operational Excellence

At CoreSite, we take operations to the next level. We invest time, energy, and resources into our ultimate goal of building a secure, redundant, and resilient nationwide infrastructure that can endure any contingency and operate seamlessly and continuously without any interruption to our customers’ data storage and transmission needs.

It is critical that we protect our customers’ equipment and valuable data against any form of physical disruption. Power loss, equipment failures, fire, water damage, and extreme weather events are a risk for any business. Our job is to minimize such risks at our facilities, and to secure uninterrupted operation and protection of assets at all our sites. Our training programs and procedures ensure our employees are well-rounded and can maintain the security, reliability, and high performance of our data centers, and can respond to any scenario.

operational excellence
CoreSite’s Principles of Operational Excellence

CoreSite’s Principles of Operational Excellence

Continuous Improvement

A cultural mindset to support an ongoing effort to improve products, services and processes.

Customer Service

Our team is consistent in meeting and exceeding expectations while building great relationships with customers.


With continuous practice scenarios and drills, as well as intense storm preparation, we can weather any condition.

“From day one the CoreSite team was as excellent as advertised. Whether it’s a specialist helping us get up to speed, or the remote hands resources helping taking care of time-sensitive operations, they are responsive and have gone above and beyond to make us feel like their most important customer.”

Amit Gupta, VP of Infrastructure, Dstillery

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