Data Center Power and Cooling

CoreSite’s in-house engineers and solution architects employ data center cooling best practices and optimal power designs to provide our customers with high-performance, reliable, and energy-efficient data center solutions.

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Data Center Power Design

CoreSite uses redundant systems (N+1 and 2N) and the latest technologies to deliver industry-leading reliability, with a track record of six nines uptime across our portfolio last year. Even the local geographic climates for our facilities are factored into consideration in order to take full advantage of dry, humid, cold or hot environments when calculating how best to deliver our customer’s power and cooling requirements.

Every Customer Deployment is Unique

Using industry best practices, CoreSite individually designs each customer's deployment within our data centers with power and cooling solutions to fit the customer’s specific requirements. Further, we configure deployments to enable our customers to expand their power and cooling requirements within the same space as their data center demands grow.

A Committed Approach to Energy Efficiency

CoreSite supports energy-efficient practices for power and cooling throughout our portfolio of data centers by using techniques such as:

Air-side economization

In geographies with suitable temperature and humidity conditions, air-side economizers pull colder outside air into the facility for cooling purposes, rather than using recirculated mechanically-cooled air from inside the data center.

Water-side economizers

These use the evaporative cooling capacity of a cooling tower to produce chilled water during colder months, rather than utilizing chillers.

Hot/cold aisle containment

CoreSite deploys cabinet lineups in hot- and cold-aisle configurations so that hot exhaust air and cold intake air remain isolated from one another.