MyCoreSite Customer Service Delivery Platform

Gain competitive advantage with visibility and control of your data center, interconnections and environment

MyCoreSite, CoreSite’s customer service delivery platform, simplifies hybrid IT management, enabling you to scale on-demand, interoperate with business partners and easily add services. Our software-defined service delivery platform improves usability and reduces management time – to your competitive advantage. 

  • Enhanced profile management for greater control and optionality 
  • Increased visibility into case information needs for faster resolution 
  • Highlight and accelerate individual navigation paths
  • View required actions front and center in the platform interface

Modernize interconnections with the Open Cloud Exchange® (OCX)

MyCoreSite seamlessly integrates with the OCX. Now, though a single pane of glass, you can leverage the OCX’s enterprise-class connectivity services to:

  • Establish direct, secure and virtual connections to public clouds including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle and Alibaba
  • Dynamically configure port and EVC bandwidth requirements from 50 Mbps to 100 Gbps
  • Access the CoreSite customer ecosystem to quickly identify and connect to network operators, cloud providers, partners and value-add services

Take control with CoreINSITE® data center intelligence

CoreINSITE provides near real-time reporting at no additional cost to you for data center environmental data including power consumption and circuit data as well as temperature and humidity readings. CoreINSITE visibility and management capabilities also include:

  • Online product procurement and self-service reporting 
  • Downloadable .csv files with circuit detail and aggregates at the licensed space level
  • Interactive graphical interface with drill through capability and crosshairs
  • Service delivery platform permissions and physical access rights

Learn more about innovative solutions developed for your changing requirements 

Get in touch today to discuss how MyCoreSite, the Open Cloud Exchange and our industry leading hybrid IT solutions can reduce total cost of operation, speed time to market and expand your addressable market.

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