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San Jose, CA
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About 0Chain

dStorage is a decentralized storage platform with unparalleled security, auditability, performance and availability. Back up your data with the peace of mind that it is near-impossible to breach, and every action is immutably registered on the blockchain:

  • Near-impossible to breach
  • Faster to upload and download the data for faster recovery
  • Very high availability
  • Lower cost than traditional cloud

How it works

dStorage splits your file into several shards that are individually encrypted and sent to different storage servers, which have separate cryptographic keys that cannot be breached unless you are in possession of them. You need a subset of the shards to recover your file. In order to breach, you need at least a subset of those keys, instead of just one. Additionally, you can withstand several simultaneous server failures if you have at least the subset shards. Because data is streamed in parallel to all the servers, the performance is several times faster. And finally, the data expansion for resilience is far more efficient than plain old replication.

S3 Compatible

dStorage is S3 compatible and can work with any backup platform that you currently use. Our S3 proxy server can be on-prem or in the cloud depending on where you application resides.

About 0Chain

0Chain, founded in 2017 by Saswata Basu, Ph.D., UCLA and Tom Austin, Professor of Computer Science at SJSU, provides a highly secure, scalable, performant data protection platform, and a single source of truth for smart contract transactions. Several research papers have been published and patents filed on our platform.

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