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About 6x7 Networks

The world's only fully encrypted global telecommunications carrier. Serving the data communications needs of enterprise businesses, governments, healthcare, finance, and national interests across the globe for over 26 years.

6x7 offers encrypted internet transit and Layer 2 direct connects globally, in data centers and commercial office buildings, at speeds of up to 800,000 mbps over our owned IP/MPLS fiber backbone.

We're on a mission to bring adequate connectivity to every man, woman, and child to power the the next generation of technologies. Our networks bring the stored cumulative knowledge of mankind, the Internet, to everyone we connect.

6x7 Networks patents and manufactures our own optical laser technology to light fiber in the ground, which we own. Our supply chain and peering relationships lead to a superior carrier network ready to serve the needs of enterprise clients and governments.

In the U.S. we have over 110,000 on-net commercial office buildings and over 1000 on-net data center facilities. We can have services online in any of these facilities within 30-60 days.


6x7 Networks

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