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We provide data center to data center and customer to data center dark fiber connectivity

We provide data center to data center and customer to data center dark fiber connectivity and have diverse entries into the CoreSite Los Angeles Data Center (LA2) facility with a large count dark fiber backbone cable connecting most of the major data centers in Downtown LA, El Segundo and Hawthorne. We are typically cheaper and faster than the larger fiber providers and have a low flat-rate unlimited data usage model. We can build new OSP fiber and/or partner with other fiber providers to provide the best solution for our customers.

American Dark Fiber was founded in 2017 and is focused solely on providing dark fiber connectivity to municipalities, carriers, anchor institutions, content developers, data-center & FTTx operators, and other sophisticated private network users (i.e., financial, healthcare, entertainment, venues, etc.). With the emergence of 5G and IoT connectivity needs, ADF has the experience to expeditiously and cost effectively develop fiber in the public ROW. Our flat-rate usage allows for massive cost savings for users of high speed bandwidth.


American Dark Fiber

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