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Tokyo, Japan
Year founded

About BBIX

No Peering, No Internet

Our philosophy is “to contribute to the spread and further development of internet based services”. BBIX is the 100% subsidiary of SoftBank Corporation and has provided premium interconnection and high quality traffic management services for an array of network operators since 2003.

BBIX is one of the leading IXPs in Asia with a peering fabric that spans more than 10 data center facilities in Tokyo, Osaka,Okinawa, Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok.

BBIX is the first Japanese Internet Exchange to extend its node to the United States via CoreSite’s Los Angeles campus. BBIX provides CoreSite customers in Los Angeles with direct access to the BBIX peering exchange via the Any2Exchange and allows customers to extend their network connectivity with a single secure and reliable connection. Connecting CoreSite’s Any2Exchange with the BBIX exchange brings an alternative connectivity option for customers who want to peer between Japan and the U.S. West Coast market.

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