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Cambridge Network Solutions, LLC is a large capacity dark fiber network within the Boston market; however with strong capital investment behind us, Cambridge Network Solutions has an appetite to grow our footprint to adapt to a customer need. CNS also has the ability to provide large pipes of IP at reduced costs to those customers needing high capacity over the new fiber network.

CNS employees have been in the industry for well over 25 years and have the knowledge base to provide connectivity solutions and service for our customers, while understanding all requirements for the circuit such as diversity, budgets and time lines. CNS, like all, understand the need to connect is only going to grow in the future and we want to put the power of that growth in our customers hands with access to dark fiber, where the customer can control the access not the provider.

CNS has several vendors on contract to support the fiber around the clock with a seasoned engineering in-house staff. Our staff will also assist our customers to determine what the right solution or carrier is and help them to make the best decision. Recently with all the provider acquisitions in this area it is very hard for the customer to understand their circuit path and if it is truly diverse from what was their other carrier and now maybe the same.


Cambridge Network Solutions

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