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ChinaCache (NASDAQ: CCIH) is the premiere CDN in China. Founded in 1998, ChinaCache is both the first and the largest content delivery service provider in China. Boasting more than eighteen years of CDN experience, ChinaCache has more than 900 employees across the world with global service coverage. More than 30,000 servers, 8.2 billion pages served daily, and 80 million unique IP visits per day make ChinaCache the leading IDC provider and the content delivery industry's most recognized name in China. ChinaCache is also the only China-focused pure-play CDN publicly traded on NASDAQ.

With extensive experience serving multinational clients in enterprise, e-commerce, banking, online gaming, media, and a number of other industries, ChinaCache's passionate and dedicated global team provides top notch service around the clock no matter where you are. Performance, reliability, scalability, and flexible content delivery are the fundamental beliefs that ChinaCache strives to uphold, ensuring clients not only provide positive experiences to their end-users but also have positive experiences themselves working with ChinaCache's CDN and cloud services.

China's internet ecosystem continues to evolve. ChinaCache has built the first Internet Exchange in China, with the hope of connecting more and more content together and providing a better Internet experience for all of China. Join us in our vision to push the boundaries of the Internet in China.

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