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For CoreSite customers, ClearSky® delivers on-demand primary storage, offsite backup and DR as a single service, and empowers enterprise IT teams with the flash performance of on-premises storage and the elasticity of the cloud.

Enterprises pay for a single, durable copy of their data and are able to access all data wherever it’s needed, on-prem or in the cloud, without ever needing to replicate it. That's right, no more making copies. The ClearSky service is fully elastic; pay for only what you use and scale up or down on-demand.

ClearSky Data’s service reduces traditional storage costs for customers by more than 50 percent and makes hybrid cloud easily attainable, so IT teams can run applications where they are best suited.

What ClearSky Data customers are saying:

Federal Hill Solutions

“We deliver hybrid cloud storage to our VMware-hosted clients in partnership with ClearSky and Cloudian. Our clients want the economics of the cloud with the same level of performance and security they’ve come to expect from on-premises workloads. With ClearSky, we reduce their costs and have built a cloud foundation with DR into our core service offering,” said Arthur Olshansky, CEO of Federal Hill Solutions and founder of Molnii Cloud, an MSP that delivers hybrid IT services and solutions.

Barrister Digital

“The Federal Hill/Molnii and ClearSky solution allows us to replace on-prem storage with a faster, more efficient on-demand hybrid cloud solution. This is critical for our growing eDiscovery workloads and allows us to provide the security and peace of mind we promise to our legal, corporate and government clients nationwide,” said Nick Bruno, managing member of Barrister Digital, which simplifies litigation support by customizing digital discovery for clients through full lifecycle, premier litigation services.

Miles & Stockbridge, Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C

“ClearSky Data allows customers like us in the legal industry to move into a true hybrid cloud infrastructure and reduce the cost and complexity of storage, backup and DR for critical data, including eDiscovery,” said Ken Adams, CIO of Miles & Stockbridge, a technology-first law firm.



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