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Traditional security approaches assume that everything inside of an enterprise network can be trusted. Meanwhile, targeted attacks and insider threats are only becoming more common. A zero trust approach is critical, as users can be careless, compromised, or even criminal – resulting in malicious access to critical applications and data. ColorTokens takes cybersecurity to a new-generation by unifying network and endpoint security into a single, cloud-delivered ZeroTrust platform.

Built from the ground up, the Xtended ZeroTrust Platform delivers the industry’s only cloud-based solution that combines microsegmentation, workload protection, endpoint protection and application control into one lightweight agent. With a proactive, cloud-based approach, the platform singlehandedly secures cloud workloads, containers, dynamic applications, endpoints, servers and users from internal and external threats. This enables enterprises to instantly visualize and segment their entire IT infrastructure, block advanced malware, contain and respond to APTs and zero-day attacks—all while seamlessly integrating with existing security tools.

Visualize everything. Eliminate blind spots.

Xview – provides unified visibility across on-premises and mulitcloud infrastructure, giving a telescopic view into networks, clouds, applications and endpoints to achieve faster time-to-compliance for critical mandates like PCI, HIPAA and GDPR.

Micro-segment to stop breaches from the inside-out.

Xshield – enables enterprises to achieve consistent visibility and control of all cloud workloads through micro-segmentation – regardless of the location. Xshield enables the modern enterprise with granular micro-segmentation, instant workload visibility, automated and dynamic policy enforcement, and the ability to control any communications to/from workload instances.

Stop reacting, and start preventing targeted attacks and ransomware.

Xprotect – provides enterprises with a robust signatureless approach that works at the kernel level to block unauthorized processes on servers, endpoints, and legacy/fixed-function systems. Go beyond signature-based security, that blocks only ‘known-bad’ threats, with powerful whitelists, blacklists and rule-rings, that prevent unauthorized software execution – even with administrator rights and block malicious processes from spawning and infecting legitimate applications.

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