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Fiber Mountain brings innovation to the physical layer of data center networks. Using sensor technology and software, with fiber optic cables and patch panels, Fiber Mountain provides real-time knowledge about deployed topology, network connectivity, planned and unplanned changes, security and intrusion detection, and overall health of the data center physical infrastructure. The result is a known physical layer network with a higher uptime, more security, and controlled operational costs.

Fiber Mountain offers a broad set solution for the physical layer network.

This includes:

Automated Documentation

Are you still using paper maps for direction? If not, then why are you still using Excel to document your physical layer network. Fiber Mountain’s physical layer solution automates documentation of real network topology, based on both ICID and more general device detection. This topology makes it easy to see end-to-end connections and provides the flexibility to group and arrange connections as needed.

Security and Monitoring with Universal TAP

Whether you need to troubleshoot a server, adhere to compliance or secure your network, tapping is an indispensable tool for any company. For the uninitiated, a network TAP is like a phone TAP. In both cases, the goal is to gain visibility into an ongoing “conversation”. For the network, that conversation can be between any network device in the network; switch to switch, server to switch, router to ISP, etc. Ideally, network operators would be able to TAP any connection in the network at any time. Until recently the only way to achieve that goal was to implement an entire parallel TAP network, which is an expensive proposition. In practice, most networks utilize a limited number of TAPs and move them manually when a new port needs to be monitored. With Fiber Mountain’s physical layer solution, however, the ability to TAP any connection at any time becomes both easier to implement and much less expensive.

Automation for Test and Labs

Fiber Mountain’s physical layer solution provides labs with unprecedented control and automation of their test configurations by introducing software control of the physical connections to their test equipment. Imagine the versatility of a lab that does not require scheduling a technician every time a connection change is necessary.

Automation for Dynamic Networks

Fiber Mountain’s physical layer solution simplifies the process of changing network structures. Using software to automate management of layer one connections, the solutions allow the dynamic reconfiguration of connection paths, and therefore network configurations, whether leaf-spine, super leaf-spine, or a custom hybrid architecture that changes according to business and network needs.


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