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About Ikoula

Ikoula is a hosting provider based in France, The Netherlands and Spain. Founded back in 1998, Ikoula now own our Datacenters located in France, which gather more than 8,000 dedicated servers and 10,000 Virtual Machines, hosting therefore more than 25,000 clients’ data. With years of experience in virtualization, The hoster have successfully adapted its infrastructure to play a decisive role within the Cloud Computing revolution, offering both Private and Public Cloud solutions. Today its Cloud infrastructure is available on 3 continents (Asia, USA and Europe).

Ikoula places innovation, simplicity and customer satisfaction at the heart of its solutions. With adapted commercial offers, it can serve professionals and very small businesses as well as SMB and large companies in their challenges and evolutions. The company provides to its users a custom sales support and a 24/7 technical support.

Ikoula helps you to host your WordPress website in 1 click! Thanks to its IKL WordPress hosting pack, you can create your website or WordPress blog hosted by Ikoula. Your website is easy to set up, fast, scalable and compatible on all mobile devices, and you don’t need any programming skills. Install the latest version of WordPress with a selection of the best plugins and themes in 1 click. Security updates are installed automatically.

Ikoula’s WordPress hosting pack includes a free domain name, a dedicated IPv6 address and a SSL certificate. It allows you to increase when you need the number of domains, the storage and data bases.

Ikoula provides many different hosting solutions available on its website.

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